Other Artists CDs (G-Q)

05-15-78: The Bottom Line, New York, NY (MP3 Sourced) (FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A/A-)
12-12-79: Le Palace, Paris, France (FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
05-19-81: The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA (WNEW-FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
12-14-01: Tin Angel, Philladelphia, PA (2-CDR) (A)
05-05-06: Handelsbeurs, Gent, Belgium (2-CDR) (A)
01-30-16: The Angel, Philadelphia, PA (2-CDR) (A) Taped by edtyre

00-00-81: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England (CDR) (A/A-)
08-15-81: The Venue, London, England (2-CDR) (B+)

Date?:     BBC Radio 2, Presented By John Peel (A)
                (CDR - "Race With The Devil: The Gene Vincent Story")

00-00-70: "All Things Must Pass" Optimal Source Series (2-CDR) (A+)

11-22-81: Toads Place, New Haven, CT (FM Broadcast) (2-CDR) (A-)

08-30-97: Strawberry Music Festival, Camp Mather, Yosemite, CA (CDR) (A+)
09-27-97: Acoustic Stage, Arts & Science Center, Hickory, NC (2-CDR) (A)
10-02-99: Acoustic Stage, Fireman's Kitchen, Hickory, NC (w/ Peter Rowan) (3-CDR) (A)
06-26-02: The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA (SBD DAT Master) (2-CDR) (A+)

04-18-96: Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA (A)
                (2-CDR - "Hard On It")
06-13-02: Ribfest, Cincinnati, OH (CDR) (A/A-)
12-13-02: House Of Blues, Las Vegas, NV (CDR) (A/A-)
01-24-03: Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, CA (2-CDR) (A)
09-26-06: House Of Blues, Orlando, FL (2-CDR) (B+)

07-01-89: Huizerpop, Huizen, The Netherlands (2-CDR) (A)
04-22-08: Stadstheater, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands (2-CDR) (A/A-)

04-17-96: 9:30 Club, Washington, DC (CDR) (A)
04-18-96: Cats Cradle, Carrboro, NC (2-CDR) (A/A-)
06-26-96: Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA (2-CDR) (A)
02-07-97: 400 Bar, Minneapolis, MN (2-CDR) (A)
12-04-98: The Theatre Of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
12-12-98: First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN (2-CDR) (A)
09-19-06: Vic Theater, Chicago, IL (2-CDR) (A/A-)

06-26-76: "Montreux Jazz Festival" Montreux, Switzerland (A)
                (CDR - "Read My Mind")

08-04-05: Rams Head On Stage, Annapolis, MD (2-CDR) (A)
02-18-06: Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA (2-CDR) (B+)
05-02-07: Mezzanotte Lounge, Syracuse, NY (2-CDR) (A)
08-19-07: Burlington Waterfront, Burlington, VT (2-CDR) (A-)
02-21-08: Lincoln Center, The Allen Room, New York City, NY (2-CDR) (A)
08-08-09: Infinity Music Hall, Norfolk, CT (2-CDR) (A-)
12-27-09: Higher Ground, Burlington, VT (2-CDR) (A-)
12-28-09: Higher Ground, Burlington, VT (2-CDR) (A-)
06-05-10: 9:30 Club, Washington, DC (2-CDR) (A-)
07-16-10: "Xponential Music Festival" Wiggins Park, Camden, NJ (WXPN-FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
07-23-11: Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
07-10-13: Verizon Wireless Amphitheater St. Louis, Maryland Heights, MO (CDR) (A)
09-14-13: Burlington Waterfront Park, Burlington, VT (2-CDR) (A-)
01-17-15: "Sunshine Music & Blues Festival, Vinoy Park, St. Petersburg, FL (Grace Solo) (CDR) (A-)

11-07-76: Savoy Tivoli, San Francisco, CA (FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A/A-)
05-15-78: Pinkpop Festival, Geleen, The Netherlands (KRO Radio) (CDR) (A/A-)
04-14-79: The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA (A/A-)
                (CDR - "Local Girls")
04-15-79: Rainbow Music Hall, Denver, CO (2-CDR) (A/A-)
06-06-79: The Calderone, Hempstead, Long Island, NY (CDR) (A-)
06-24-79: Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA (KISW-FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
05-09-82: The Bayou, Washington, D.C. (2-CDR) (A/A-)
08-03-85: Pier 84, New York, NY (2-CDR) (A-)
06-26-88: Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA (WBCN-FM Broadcast) (2-CDR) (A)
06-27-88: The Ritz, New York, NY (WNEW-FM Broadcast) (2-CDR) (A/A-)
03-30-89: Berkeley Square, Berkeley, CA (A)
                (2-CDR - "Alone In Berkeley")
10-17-92 South Hills Theater, Dormont, PA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
03-18-95: SXSW Showcase, UT Union Ballroom, Austin, TX (CDR) (A-)
09-06-08: "Black Swamp Arts Festival" Bowling Green, OH (2-CDR) (A)
04-03-11: The Coffee Works & Roastery, Voorhees, NJ (w/ Mike Gent) (2-CDR) (A/A-)
04-06-13: Rams Head On Stage, Annapolis, MD (2-CDR) (A)
04-24-15: Oran Mor, Glasgow, Scotland (w/ Brinsley Schwarz) (2-CDR) (A-)

03-18/19/20-73: WBCN Studios & Oliver's, Boston, MA (2-CDR) (B)
09-19-99: Sessions At West 54th, New York, NY (Tribute) (CDR) (A)
03-04-06: "Grievous Angel: The Gram Parsons Story" BBC Radio 2 Broadcast (CDR) (A)

04-05-69: Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA (2-CDR) (A)

Various Dates: "The Songs of Bob Dylan" (Various Live Venues - Soundboard Recordings) (CDR) (A)

03-19-83: "Westwood One Live" Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, CA (pre-FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
04-16-83: The Channel, Boston, MA (WBCN-FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A/A-)

05-30-99: Concerts Under The Stars, King Of Prussia, PA (CDR) (A)
10-30-09: Concert "In The Woods" Dorphshuis de Furs, Lage Vuursche, Netherlands (2-CDR) (A)
11-15-10: Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2-CDR) (A)

04-28-09: Q-Bus, Leiden, The Netherlands (2-CDR) (A)
05-02-09: Concert "In The Woods" Dorphshuis de Furs, Lage Vuursche, Netherlands (2-CDR) (A)
10-17-09: Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO (2-CDR) (A-)
05-14-11: Stargazers Theatre, Colorado Springs, CO (CDR) (A-)
06-19-11: Q-Bus, Leiden, The Netherlands (CDR) (A)
06-23-11: Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (CDR) (A)
06-22-16: Royale, Boston, MA (2-CDR) (A-)

12-06-08: Concert "In The Woods" Dorphshuis de Furs, Lage Vuursche, Netherlands (CDR) (A)
11-14-09: Concert "In The Woods" Dorphshuis de Furs, Lage Vuursche, Netherlands (3-CDR) (A)

GRIN (featuring Nils Lofgren)
12-01-72: Lisner Auditorium, Washington, DC (CDR) (A/A-)

08-16-91: Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden (B+)
                (2-CDR - "Delusions & Illusions")

03-12-14: Threadgill's, Austin, TX (w/ Amila Spicer & Betty Soo) (CDR) (A)

08-28-97: "Strawberry Music Fest" Main Stage, Camp Mather, CA (Hog Radio FM) (2-CDR) (A)

11-05-06: Concert "In The Woods" Dorphshuis de Furs, Lage Vuursche, Netherlands (w/ Roth Patterson) (3-CDR) (A+)

03-17-67: RCA Studio C, Hollywood, CA (CDR) (A)
                (Demo Sessions For The Monkees)

01-27-79: Music Hall, Boston, MA (WBCN-FM Broadcast) (2-CDR) (A)

12-00-94: "Leidsekade Live" KRO Radio, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (CDR) (A)
03-02-96: Club Knust, Hamburg, Germany (A)
                (CDR - "Supernova")
04-26-98: Eins Live Studio, EinsLive Sendezentrum, Cologne, Germany (CDR) (A)
04-27-98: Radio Oui-FM, Paris, France (CDR) (A)
09-10-98: MCM Cafe, Paris, France (FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
11-01-98: Capitol, Hannover, Germany (2-CDR) (A-)
11-03-98: Vredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands (CDR) (A)
12-19-98: Philipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany (A)
                (CDR - "Christmas Concert 1998")
08-16-01: Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (A)
                (CDR - "Beautiful Angel") - (Filler Tracks: Ringfest, Koln, Germany - 8/20/2002)
11-21-01: MCM Cafe, Paris, France (FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
05-18-02: Pinkpop, Landgraaf, The Netherlands (CDR) (A)
07-19-02: "Taubertal Festival" Rothenburg, Germany (TV Broadcast Audio) (CDR) (A)
06-18-03: Passionskirche, Berlin, Germany (A+)
                (CDR - "Church Music")
08-02-06: Paard van Troje, The Hague, The Netherlands (2-CDR) (B+)
05-26-11: Funkhaus Halberg, Saarbrucken, Germany (Digital Cable Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
04-02-12: Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2-CDR) (A-)

06-16-06: Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA (2-CDR) (A)

11-06-64: Bremen, Germany (A)
                (2-CDR - "Live In Europe 1964")
08-23-73: Ebbets Field, Denver, CO (CDR) (A+)

05-02-75: Harpur College, Binghamton, NY (A-)
                (2-CDR - "Fish Tales")

07-31-02: Arena Monte Claro, Caglian, Italy
                (CDR - "Buona Fuckin' Sera")
03-22-04: Shibuya Ax, Tokyo, Japan (CDR) (A-)

03-11-89: Le Truck, Venissieux, Lyon, France (2-CDR) (A/A-)

07-09-92: Freight & Salvage Coffeeshop, Berkeley, CA (Version 1) ( 2-CDR) (A)
07-09-92: Freight & Salvage Coffeeshop, Berkeley, CA (Version 2) (2-CDR) (A)
04-04-93: "Santa Maria Style Bluegrass Festival" Santa Maria, CA (CDR) (A-)
08-17-93: The Palms Playhouse, Davis, CA ( 2-CDR) (A)
06-24-94: "Morning Becomes Eclectic" KCRW Studios, Santa Monica, CA (CDR) (A)
09-18-94: Cactus Cafe, Austin, TX (A)
                ( CDR - "Honest Bittersweet Reflections")
10-08-94: The Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA ( 2-CDR) (A-)
10-09-94: "FolkScene" KPFK Studios, Los Angeles (CDR) (A)
09-03-95: Strawberry Music Festival, Camp Mather, Yosemite, CA (CDR) (A/A-)
11-14-95: Metronome, Burlington, VT (2-CDR) (A/A-)
11-07-96: Tramps, New York, NY (MP3 Sourced Recording) (2-CDR) (A-)
01-21-98: The Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
04-10-98: East Coast Blues & Roots Festival, Bryon Bay, NSW, Australia (CDR) (A-)
05-24-98: Strawberry Music Festival, Camp Mather, Yosemite, CA (CDR) (A)
10-03-98: Higher Ground, Winooski, VT (DAT Master SBD Recording) (2-CDR) (A)
01-15-99: "WMNF Benefit" Centro Asturiano Theatre, Ybor City, FL (FM Broadcast) (2-CDR) (A)
07-10-04: "Seedstock" Heritage Farm, Decorah, IA (CDR) (A)
05-12-07: Ark, Ann Arbor, MI (SBD/AUD Matrix) (2-CDR) (A+)
06-09-07: Main Stage Tent, Roots On The River Festival, Rockingham, VT (CDR) (A)
06-27-08: The Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC (2-CDR) (A/A-)
02-10-12: "Cayamo 2012 Music Cruise" Stardust Theater, Norwegian Pearl Cruise Ship (CDR) (A-)
06-30-13: "Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival" Black Oak Ranch, Laytonville, CA (FM 88.9 Sunset Radio) (CDR) (A)
04-10-14: Ramshead On Stage, Annapolis, MD (2-CDR) (A/A-)

12-06-81: Inn Square Men's Bar, Boston, MA (WBCN Broadcast) (CDR) (A-)

06-19-99: Indianapolis Jazz Fest, Indianapolis, IN (CDR) (A)
07-03-08: Miller Stage, Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival, Portland, OR (CDR) (A)

12-29-72: Academy of Music, New York, NY (FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
04-21-79: "Rockplast" Grugahalle, Essen, Germany (CDR) (A-)

04-08-76: The Troubador, West Hollywood, CA (3-CDR) (A/A-)
                      (Disc #3 is 7/2/76 Ebett's Field, Denver, CO)

11-22-02: Marilyn's on K, Sacramento, Ca (2-CDR) (B+)
12-16-03: Guild Theater, Sacramento, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
07-29-04: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (CDR) (A)
01-08-05: House Of Blues, Anaheim, CA (CDR) (A-)
01-14-06: Wesley Center, Alamo, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
04-20-06: The Palms, Winters, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
10-09-10: Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
10-10-10: World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA (2-CDR) (A-)
10-28-10: Uptown Theater, Napa, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
11-24-10: The Blue Lamp Lounge, Sacramento, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
11-27-10: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (Jackie's 30th Birthday) (3-CDR) (A-)
12-10-10: Marilyn's on K, Sacramento, Ca (2-CDR) (A-)
12-15-10: Hopmonk Tavern, Sebastopol, CA (2-CDR) (A-)

04-06-70: Criterion Studios, Hollywood, CA (A-)
                (CDR - "The Criterion Demos")
03-27-71: Jabberwocky Club, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY (2-CDR) (A/A-)
02-24-72: Stony Brook Gym, Stoney Brook University, Syracuse, NY (CDR) (A/A-)
05-18-72: Paris Theatre, London, England (CDR) (A)
08-15-73: The Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA (CDR) (A)
10-09-73: Ultrasonic Studios, Hempstead, NY (A-)
                ( CDR - "Doctor My Pepper")
03-01-74: Atwood Hall, Clark University, Worcester, MA (CDR) (A-)
08-17-74: McCabes' Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA (FM-Radio) (CDR) (A-)
03-02-75: McAlister Auditorium, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA (Early & Late Shows) (2-CDR) (A/A-)
09-07-75: The Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA (WMMR-FM Broadcast) (3-CDR) (A-)
10-09-76: Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA (CDR) (A-)
10-17-76: Palladium, New York City, NY (Early Show) (CDR) (A-)
12-08-76: VPRO Radio Studio, Hilversum, Holland (w/ Warren Zevon) (CDR) (A-)
06-08-78: Terrance Theater, Long Branch, CA (2-CDR) (A) Mike Millard first gen via JEMS.
07-18-82: Montreaux, Switzerland (A)
                (CDR - "Inner Courtyard Fountain")
03-18-86: Grugahalle, Essen, Germany (A)
                (2-CDR - "The Pretender Strikes Germany")
10-20-86: Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA (A)
                (CDR - "For Everyman")
05-19-87: Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz, CA (2-CDR) (A)
11-16-90: Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA (A)
                (CD - "Springsteen, Raitt & Browne")
10-11-92: Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA (CDR) (A-)
00-00-93: Live In London Tour 1993 (A)
                (CDR - "Too Many Angels")
00-00-94: Eugene, Oregon (A)
                ( 2-CDR - "Everyman's Alive")
03-05-96: Centennial Hall, Tucson, AZ (A)
                (CDR - "The Barricades Of Heaven")
10-14-96: Avila Beach Estates, CA (CDR) (A)
11-04-96: Theatre Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France ( 2-CDR) (A-)
11-22-96: The Bikini, Barcelona, Spain (A)
                (CDR - "Stays In Barcelona")
03-28-97: Queen Elisabeth Hall, Antwerp, Belgium (3-CDR) (A/A-)
03-03-98: "At Jim Ladd's Living Room", Westwood One Radio Networks (CDR) (A+)
05-05-99: St. Ann Center, Brooklyn, NY (A-)
                (2-CDR - "St. Ann's Gala")
08-15-99: KPFK-FM, Los Angeles, CA (CDR) (A)
06-09-00: Strand Theater, Shreveport, LA (2-CDR) (A-)
05-11-02: Burlington Memorial Autitorium, Burlington, VT (2-CDR) (A)
10-09-02: "Austin City Limits" TV Studio 6A, University of Texas, Austin, TX (CDR) (A)
10-29-03: Patriot's Theater, Trenton, NJ (2-CDR) (A/A-)
03-29-06: Irwin Mitchell Oval Hall, Sheffield City Hall, Sheffield, England (2-CDR) (A-)
08-19-06: "The Philadelphia Folk Festival 2006" The Old Pool Farm, Schwenksville, PA (2-CDR) (A)
09-16-08: Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA (2-CDR) (B+)
11-30-09: Bass Concert Hall, University of Texas, Austin, TX (2-CDR) (A-)
04-11-11: Casino, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada (2-CDR) (A)
11-12-11: Fox Theater, Hanford, CA (Wireless Matrix Recording - Includes Sound Check) (4-CDR) (A+)
07-18-12: Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN (2-CDR) (B+)
08-04-15: Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, Portland, OR (2-CDR) (A-)
08-15-15: Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA (Wireless Matrix Recording) (3-CDR) (A+)
06-25-17: Royal Albert Hall, London, England (3-CDR) (A-)
10-23-17: Orix Theater, Osaka, Japan (IEM + MK4s MATRIX) (A)
                (2-CDR - "The Road West In Japan")
Various Dates: "For EveryFan" (4-CDR) (A/B+)
Various Dates: "Golden Slumbers - Volume 3" (CDR) (A)
Various Dates: "Rarities & Duets" (CDR) (A/B+)
Various Dates: "Ultimate Rarities" (CDR) (A/B)
Various Dates: "Tu Tranquilo (The Lost Sessions)" (CDR) (A)

06-24/25-86: Brixton Academy, London, England (CDR) (A)

02-06-70: The Jabberwocky, Syracuse, NY (2-CDR) (A)
05-15-70: Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY (Late Show) (2-CDR) (A-)
05-29-70: Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA (2nd Show) (A)
                (CDR - "Roses For Carole")
00-00-72: Oakland, CA (A+)
                (CDR - "Baby James By The Bay")
07-05-72: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA (2-CDR) (A)
11-03-72: Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY (2-CDR) (B+)
05-00-74: Carnegie Hall, New York, New York (A)
                (CDR - "Carnegie Hall")
07-07-79: Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH (2-CDR) (A)
05-30-98: Beacon Theater, Boston, Massachusetts (2-CDR) (A)
Various Dates: "Treasure Of A Man" Career Highlights 1970-2003 (4-CDR) (A)

00-00-67: The Matrix, San Francisco, CA (B)
                (3-CDR - "The Matrix Tapes")
05-18-68: Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose, CA (CDR) (B+)
02-12-69: Fillmore East, New York, NY (CDR) (A-)
04-01-69: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (A)
                (CDR - "Summertime")
04-01-69: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (A)
                (CDR - "Amsterdam")

08-10-07: Knickerbockers, Lincoln, NB (2-CDR) (A-) Taped by Mr. Darby
11-14-07: Knickerbockers, Lincoln, NB (CDR) (A-/A) Taped by Mr. Darby
12-14-07: Jack Of The Wood, Asheville, NC (Solo Acoustic Show) (CDR) (A-)
08-15-09: "Hot August Blues Festival" Oregon Ridge Park, Cockeysville, MD (2-CDR) (A-)
04-29-12: The Slaughtered Lamb, London, England (solo acoustic show) (2-CDR) (A)
08-09-12: Tap Root Cafe, Anchorage, AK (2-CDR) (A-)
08-10-12: Tap Root Cafe, Anchorage, AK (2-CDR) (A-)
08-11-12: Tap Root Cafe, Anchorage, AK (2-CDR) (A-)
12-15-13: Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN (SBD/AUD Matrix) (2-CDR) (A)
02-04-15: The Lincoln Theatre, Washington, D.C. (SBD/AUD Matrix) (2-CDR) (A)
12-10-15: Ogden Theater, Denver, CO (2-CDR) (A-)
12-28-15: City Winery, Nashville, TN (w/ Amanda Shires) (2-CDR) (A-)
12-29-15: City Winery, Nashville, TN (w/ Amanda Shires)(2-CDR) (A-)
01-19-16: Concorde 2, Brighton, England (2-CDR) (B+) Taped by Bluesmick
05-29-16: "Summer Camp Music Festival" Three Sisters Park, Chilicothe, IL (2-CDR) (A-/A)
08-13-16: "Haldern Pop Festival 2016" Haldern, Germany (CDR) (A-)
08-17-16: Vredenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands (2-CDR) (B+)
08-21-16: The Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Scotland (2-CDR) (A-)
08-22-16: The Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Scotland (2-CDR) (A)
10-05-16: Hershey Theater, Hershey, PA (2-CDR) (A-)
10-06-16: Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, NY (2-CDR) (A-)
10-18-16: Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Fort Myers, FL (2-CDR) (A)
01-09-17: Franklin Theatre, Franklin, TN (2-CDR) (B+)
07-22-17: St. Augustine Amphitheater, St. Augustine, FL (2-CDR) (A-)
08-27-17: Ohio Theater, Columbus, OH (2-CDR) (A-)

06-17-04: Lee's Palace, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (CDR) (A-)

04-09-11: Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (w/ The Imelda May Band) (2-CDR) (A-)

10-10-90: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England (WGIR-FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A)

05-09-09: Concert "In The Woods" Dorpshuis de Furs, Lage Vuursche, The Netherlands (2-CDR) (A)

"Famous Blue Raincoat-Outtakes" (The Songs Of Leonard Cohen) (CDR) (A+)

10-28-69: 2400 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA (Jefferson Airplane House) (CDR) (A)
10-11-73: The Keystone, Berkeley, CA (w/ Merl Saunders) (2-CDR) (A)
02-16-74: The Keystone, Berkeley, CA (w/ Merl Saunders) (2-CDR) (A)
07-08-79: The Keystone, Palo Alto, CA (Reconstruction) (2-CDR) (A+)
04-10-82: Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ (Early & Late Shows) (2-CDR) (A)
05-05-82: Oregon State Prison, Salem, OR (Solo Acoustic) (A)
                (CDR - "Lonesome Prison Blues")
01-27-86: The Ritz, New York City, NY (Garcia/Kahn) (CDR) (A+)
04-20-94: Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA (Jerry Garcia Band) (2-CDR) (A/A-)
Various Dates: "Jerry Does Dylan" (A Compilation) (3-CDR) (A-)

08-21-93: Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA (2-CDR) (A) A 'Teddy Ballgame' Soundbord Master
02-23-96: Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA (2-CDR) (A) A 'Teddy Ballgame' Soundbord Master

02-28-04: Barfly, Camden Town, London, England (A/A-)
                (CDR - "Barfly")
07-28-04: World Cafe, (WXPN-FM), Philadelphia, PA (CDR) (A)
                (Recorded at The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA)
02-11-05: World Cafe Live (WXPN-FM), Philadelphia, PA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
02-13-05: Drew's Place, Ringwood, NJ (CDR) (A-)
04-11-06: World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA (2-CDR) (A-)
03-01-07: World Cafe, Philadelphia, PA (CDR) (A)
10-20-07: The Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow, Scotland (CDR) (A-)
11-20-07: Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA (FM Broadcast) (2-CDR) (A)
04-01-08: T.T. The Bear's Plce, Cambridge, MA (2-CDR) (A)
10-09-08: The Middle East, Cambridge, MA (CDR) (A-)
04-01-11: Big Mama, Rome, Italy (A)
                (2-CDR + 1-DVD - "All The Way From Italy")
04-09-11: Teatro Toscanini, Chiari (BS), Italy (2-CDR) (A)

05-18-96: Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA (FM) (A)
                (CDR - "When You Smile")

11-15-72: Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH (CDR) (A/A-)
00-00-73: 1973 Tour Compilation (Amsterdam, Philadelphia, Los Angeles) (CDR) (A-)
01-15-73: Glassboro State College, Glassboro, NJ (CDR) (A)
02-02-73: Harper College, Palatine, IL (CDR) (A-)
09-20-73: Prather Coliseum, Natchitoches, LA (B)
                ( CDR - "The Last Concert")

1967-68: "Sotheby's Auction Tapes" Studio Outtakes (CDR) (A)

07-16-94: Alligator Lounge, Santa Monica, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
10-00-95: Austin City Limits - plus various FM-Radio performances (2-CDR) (A)
01-18-96: La Laiterie, Strasbourg, France (CDR) (A/A-)
03-11-97: Waterloo Records, Austin, TX (CDR) (A)
07-14-97: Cafe Campus, Montreal, QC, Canada (2-CDR) (A-)
00-00-98: SXSW Festival, Austin, TX (CDR) (A/A-)
04-15-98: "Ohne Filter" TV-Studio 5, Suedwestrundfunk (SWF 3/SWR), Baden-Baden, Germany (CDR) (A)
04-30-99: Club Soda, Montreal, QC, Canada (2-CDR) (A-)
08-01-99: Cabin Concerts, Wayne, NJ (2-CDR) (A)
09-15-00: Ted's Wrecking Yard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (CDR) (A)
09-25-00: Kennedy Center, Washington, DC (CDR) (A-)
11-15-00: Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton, MA (CDR) (A-)
06-01-01: Jannus Landing, St. Petersburg, FL (CDR) (A-)
06-02-01: Skipper's, Tampa Bay, FL (2-CDR) (A)
02-25-02: Skipper's, Tampa Bay, FL (2-CDR) (A)
02-28-02: The Handlebar, Greenville, SC (2-CDR) (A)
03-08-02: The Steamboat, Austin, TX (2-CDR) (A)
05-13-02: P'tit Cafe Campus, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (2-CDR) (A)
06-30-02: Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival, Black Oak Ranch, Laytonville, CA (2-CDR) (A)
08-30-02: Strawberry Music Festival, Amy's Orchid Cafe, Yosemite, CA (CDR) (A)
03-14-03: "SXSW Festival" Texas Union Theater, Austin, TX (CDR) (A)
05-10-03: Water Festival, Wimberley, TX (CDR) (A/A-)
06-13-03: Cactus Cafe, Austin, TX (2-CDR) (A)
03-11-05: Union Theater, KUT FM - Eklektikos, Austin, TX (CDR) (A)
11-15-05: "Eklektikos" KUT-FM Studios, Austin, TX (CDR) (A)
03-11-06: Gruene Hall, Gruene, TX (2-CDR) (A)
01-20-07: Music At The Mission, West Milford, NJ (2-CDR) (A)
03-16-07: SXSW, 18th Floor Hilton Garden Inn, Austin, TX (MP3 Source) (2-CDR) (A-/A)
06-09-07: "Indie Fest" Pagosa Springs, CO (2-CDR) (A)
Jun/Jul-07: "On The Radio ~ 2007" KPFK Folkscene (6/22/2007) & Minnesota Public Radio (7/2/2007) (CDR) (A)
12-14-07: "Eklektikos" KUT-FM Studios Austin, TX (CDR) (A)
03-13-08: "SXSW Showcase" Driskill Hotel, Austin, TX (CDR) (A/A-)
10-04-08: "Take Root Festival" Oosterpoort, Groningen, Holland (FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A/A-)
10-06-08: Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2-CDR) (A-)
08-29-09: Red Dragon Listening Room, Baton Rouge, LA (3-CDR) (A-)
09-12-09: Poor David's Pub, Dallas, TX (2-CDR) (A/A-)
10-03-09: Crossroads Coffeehouse & Music Company, Winnsboro, TX (2-CDR) (A-)
04-23-11: "Blue Highways Music Festival" Vredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands (2-CDR) (A-)
06-29-12: The Bodie House, Thousnad Oaks, CA (2-CDR) (A)
11-04-12: Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2-CDR) (A-)
09-20-13: Village Hall, Tingewick, Buckinghamshire, England (2-CDR) (A-)
10-03-14: Bush Hall, London, England (2-CDR) (A-)
10-09-14: North Sea Jazz Club, Amsterdam, Holland (2-CDR) (A-)
03-17-15: El Mercado, SXSW, Austin, TX (AUD/SBD Matrix) (CDR) (A)
07-18-15: The Bottle Cap Barn, Edmond, OK (2-CDR) (A)
08-15-15: Levitt Pavilion, Pasadena, CA (2-CDR) (A)
10-16-15: Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2-CDR) (A)
10-23-16: Patronaat, Haarlem, Netherlands (2-CDR) (A)

02-17-01: House Of Blues, Cambridge, MA (2-CDR) (A-)
11-02-72: "Berliner Jazztage" Berlin, Germany (CDR) (A)

10-20-09: Largo At The Coronet, Los Angeles, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
12-17-10: Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton, MA (2-CDR) (A-)

06-00-77: The Palladium, New York, NY (A)
                ( CDR - "Not Too Hip")
03-23-16: Grand Opera House, Wilmington, DE (2-CDR) (A)
04-26-19: Warner Theater, Washington, D.C. (2-CDR) (A-)

11-19-92: Wetlands, New York, NY (CDR) (A/A-)
05-08-93: Spring Fest, Hoboken, NJ (CDR) (A)
08-15-93: Shepard Park, Lake George, NY (2-CDR) (A)
09-07-95: The Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA (A)
                (CDR - "Acoustic Troubador")
09-14-95: Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY (A)
                (CDR - "Rose Land")
10-12-95: Naro Expanded Cinema, Norfolk, VA (2-CDR) (A-)
11-29-95: Yoshi's, Oakland, CA (KFOG-FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
04-11-96: Phoenix Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (A)
                (CDR - "Falling From Grace")
09-24-00: Chicago Park West, Chicago, IL (WRXT-FM 93 Broadcast) (CDR) (A/A-)
09-13-02: Telluride Blues & Brews Festival, Town Park, Telluride, CO (CDR) (A)
10-29-02: The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA (2-CDR) (A)
11-09-02: Sendesaal Radio Bremen, Bremen, Germany (A+)
                (CDR - "Live Together")
03-27-13: Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA (2-CDR) (A)

04-26-70: Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA (KPFA-FM Broadcast) (2-CDR) (A-)

05-15-81: My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY (2-CDR) (A-)
09-17-87: Roxy Theater, Hollywood, CA (w/ Bobby Keys on Saxophone) (2-CDR) (A-) Flying M Productions
12-09-92: Rockefellers, Houston, TX (2-CDR) (A)
12-02-94: "Only A Hobo Festival" Sala Marna, Sesto Calende (VA), Italy (CDR) (A-)
04-18-98: Spazio Musica, Pavia, Italy (CDR) (A)
12-29-00: Gruene Hall, Gruene, TX (2-CDR) (A)
12-31-05: La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX (2-CDR) (B+)

02-19-05: Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ (2-CDR) (A-)

08-21-99: "13 Bizarre Festival" Butzweiler Hof, Cologne, Germany (FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
11-06-99: House Of Blues, Los Angeles, CA (2-CDR) (A-)

00-00-79: Boston, MA (A-)
                (CDR - "Live In Boston 1979")
09-03-80: Bottom Line, New York, NY (A/A-)
                ( 2-CDR - "I Like My Beaver Brown")

11-24-81: London Victory Club, Philadelphia, PA (CDR) (A/A-)
12-31-03: Hard Rock Cafe, Boston, MA (CDR) (B+)
02-12-04: The Cabooze, Minneapolis, MN (CDR) (A/A-)
08-07-04: The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ (2-CDR) (A-)
01-08-05: Harry's Roadhouse, Asbury Park, NJ (2-CDR) (A-)

07-15-72: The Jabberwocky, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY (CDR) (A)
09-09-73: Record Plant, Sausalito, CA (CDR) (A)

05-27-89: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA (CDR) (A-)
                (AIDS Benefit w/ J. Garcia, B. Weir, C. Clemmons)
05-18-97: Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
06-03-97: Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY (2-CDR) (A)
06-06-97: "VH1 Storytellers" (CDR) (A)
06-26-97: Roskilde Festival, Oslo, Denmark (A)
                (CDR - "Roskilde 1997")
09-05-98: Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden (A/A-)
                ( 2-CDR - "Midnight Special")
08-10-04: "Austin City Limits" TV Studio 6A, University of Texas, Austin, TX (CDR) (A)
11-13-04: Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
11-21-04: Chicago Theater, Chicago, IL (2-CDR) (A/A-)
11-10-07: The Music Box, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spaw, Atlantic City, NJ (2-CDR) (A/A-)
11-20-11: Caesars Circus Maximus Theater, Atlantic City, NJ (2-CDR) (A-)
                (John Plays "Cosmo's Factory" And More)

10-27-08: Concert "In The Woods" Dorphshuis de Furs, Lage Vuursche, Netherlands (2-CDR) (A)

05-28-95: Strawberry Music Festival, Camp Mather, Yosemite, CA (CDR) (A)
03-24-01: The Sky Church Experience Music Project, Seattle, WA (2-CDR) (A)
                ("Wicked Grin" Live - The Music Of Tom Waits)

1971-80: Studio Outtakes, Rehearsals & Demos "Double Fantasy", "Rock 'n' Roll" & "Imagine" (CDR) (A)
Various Dates: Home Recordings, Demos & Live Acoustic Tracks (A) (info)
                (CDR - "Unplugged")

06-01-92: Rehearsals For The 1992 "Whenever We Wanted" World Tour (A)
                (CDR - "John's Garage Tape")
08-27-94: World Music Theater, Chicago, IL (A) (info)
                (CDR - "Wild At Night")

07-01-70: Studs Terkel Radio Interview, Chicago, IL (CDR) (A) (artwork)
04-11-73: State University of New York, New Paltz, NY (93XRT Radio Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
08-28-77: "Austin City Limits" TV Studio 6A, University of Texas, Austin, TX (CDR) (B+)
07-10-78: The Bottom Line, New York, NY (2-CDR) (A-)
07-11-78: The Bottom Line, New York, NY (2-CDR) (B+)
07-13-78: My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY (A-)
                (2-CDR - "Live From My Father's Place")
02-22-79: Rainbow Music Hall, Denver, CO (SBD/AUD Matrix) (2-CDR) (B+)
06-25-80: Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX (2-CDR) (A)
02-06-84: Rockefeller's, Houston, TX (Early & Late Shows) (Master Soundboard Recording) (3-CDR) (A-)
10-31-84: "Westbury Music Fair" Westbury, NY (Soundboard Recording) (CDR) (A)
01-16-87: Old Town School Benefit, Orchestra Hall, Chicago, IL (CDR) (A-)
                (Includes "Mixed Bag Radio Show" Interview/Music 6/16/87)
10-20-91: Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA (A-)
                (CDR - "Live At Irvine Meadows 1991") Mike Millard Original Master Tape via JEMS
1989-95: "Late Night Radio" Vin Scelsa's Idiots Delight, New York, NY (WXRK-FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A-)
05-04-90: New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, New Orleans, LA (CDR) (A/A-)
08-14-92: Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA (2-CDR) (A-)
07-30-93: "Hot Ticket" Ontario Place Forum, Toronto, ONT, Canada (FM Broadcast w/ Margo Timmins) (CDR) (A)
09-30-95: The Majestic Theatre, Dallas, TX (Soundboard Recording) (2-CDR) (A)
05-13-96: Singer-Songwriter Festival, Frutigen, Switzerland (FM Radio Broacast) (CDR) (A/A-)
05-24-97: Camp Mather, Yosemite, CA (2-CDR) (A)
09-12-99: Sessions At West 54th, PBS-TV, NYC (CDR) (A)
03-03-00: Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, NC (2-CDR) (A-)
11-18-03: Moncton Coliseum, Moncton, NB (2-CDR) (A-)
08-18-04: Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, IL (Wario Master) (2-CDR) (A/A-)
09-27-04: Santa Cruz Civic Center, Santa Cruz, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
11-03-05: Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium (2-CDR) (A/A-)
11-11-05: Glor Irish Music Centre, Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland (FM Broadcast) (2-CDR) (A)
02-23-08: Palace theatre, Columbus, OH (2-CDR) (A-)
08-17-09: Playhouse, Fredericton, NB (2-CDR) (A/A-)
10-02-09: "Strictly Bluegrass Festival" Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA (CDR) (B-)
07-31-10: "Newport Folk Festival" Fort Adams State Park, Newport, RI (WFUV-FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A/A-)
08-08-10: "31st Edmonton Folk Music Festival" Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (CBC Radio One Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
02-08-12: "Cayamo 2012 Music Cruise" Stardust Theater, Norwegian Pearl Cruise Ship (8:00-9:00 PM) (CDR) (A-)

08-08-76: BBC Studios, London, England (CDR) (A)

10-04-69: Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA (CDR) (A)
04-12-70: Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA (CDR) (A)
00-00-75: "Soundstage" Chicago, IL (w/ David Bromberg) (CDR) (A-)
12-11-09: Old Town School Of Folk Music, Chicago, IL (w/ David Grisman) (CDR) (A-)
03-20-10: Grounds For Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ (2-CDR) (A/A-)

05-17/20-93: Rick Rubin's Living Room (A+) (review)
                (CDR - "American Outtakes")
12-08-04: Frank Erwin Center, University Of Texas, Austin, TX (A+)
                ( 2-CDR - "The Beast In Me")
09-17-95: Congresgebouw, The Hague, The Netherlands (B+)
                ( CDR - "The Ghost Rider")
07-05-03: Carter Family Fold, Hiltons, VA (CDR) (B+)
                (Johnny Cash's Last Public Performance)

Early 1970's: Johnny Otis Show - BBC Radio Broadcast (CDR) (A)

07-03-02: Hudson Gardens, Littleton, CO (CDR) (A)

10-29-70: Royal Festival Hall, London, UK (with James Taylor) (2-CDR) (A)
10-30-98: Corel Center, Kanata, Ontario, Canada (2-CDR) (A-)

06-29-94: "Estival Jazz" Piazza della Riforma, Lugano, Switzerland (CDR) (A)

10-18-16: Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Fort Myers, FL (CDR) (A)

01-24-05 "That's Live" Radio 3FM, De Duif Kerk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (A)
                (CDR - "Private Soul Sessions - FM Broadcast")
11-08-07: "AVO Session" Festsaal, Messe, Basel, Switzerland (DRS3 Radio Broadcast) (CDR) (A)

08-19-83: The Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA (A-)
                (2-CDR - "Stand On The Edge") JEMS Master

09-25-07: "In The Woods" Dorphshuis de Furs, Lage Vuursche, Netherlands (SBD/AUD Matrix) (CDR) (A)
05-21-09: The Red Room, Crystal Bay Casino, Crystal Bay, NV (SBD/AUD Matrix) (2-CDR) (A)
01-27-10: Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN (2-CDR) (A)
01-28-10: Barley's Taproom & Pizzeria, Knoxville, TN (2-CDR) (A)
02-04-10: Stubby's (Inside), Austin, TX (2-CDR) (A)
11-26-11: Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands (CDR) (A)

11-20-80: The Palladium, New York, NY (A)
                (2-CDR - "Final Visions" Remastered)

03-21-80: Shinjuko Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan (CDR) (A)

05-22-00: Torsgatan, Stockholm, Sweden (CDR) (A/A-)
03-20-01: The Roxy, W. Hollywood, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
03-22-01: Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
02-09-02: The Museum Of Television & Radio, New York, NY (WFUV-FM Radio) (CDR) (A)
03-04-02: The Roxy, W. Hollywood, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
03-29-02: "East Coast Blues & Roots Festival", Byron Bay, Australia (CDR) (A/A-)
01-31-03: Moore Theater, Seattle, WA (CDR) (A-)
06-20-03: Telluride Blugrass Festival, Telluride, CO (CDR) (A)
11-14-04: Theater Of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
08-21-05: "Rocky Mountain Folks Festival", Lyons, CO (CDR) (A-)
08-02-12: "Twillight Dance Series" Australia Rocks The Pier, Santa Monica, CA (2-CDR) (A/A-)

00-00-76: "The Cathy Demos (Remaster)" (CDR) (A)
08-26-14: Eventim Apollo, London, England (3-CDR) (A-)

05-10-02: "Ottawa Tulip Fest 2002" Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (CDR) (B+)
12-06-02: The Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, CA (CDR) (A)
                (Filler: CD Central, Lexington, KY 10/8/2002)
03-30-03: The Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI (2-CDR) (A-)
04-26-03: "Blue Highway Festival" Vredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands (CDR) (B+)
11-23-04: "Live At The Rehearsal Hall" Bravo-TV Studios, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (CDR) (A)
04-15-05: Academy 3, Liverpool, England (2-CDR) (A-)
04-28-05: Debaser, Stockholm, Sweden (Broadcast on Swedish P3 6/27/05) (CDR) (A)
10-10-05: "NPR Music: Live Concert Series" 9:30 Club, Washington, DC (MP3 Source) (CDR) (A-)
10-25-05: St. Andrew's Hall, Detroit, MI (CDR) (A-)
11-07-05: The Berkeley Church, Toronto, Canada (A)
                (CDR - "Beautiful Noise")
03-27-06: Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA (2-CDR) (A)
08-19-06: Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, Planet Bluegrass, Lyons, CO (CDR) (A/A-)
03-14-08: The Blacksheep Inn, Wakefield, Quebec, Canada (2-CDR) (A-)
03-15-08: The Blacksheep Inn, Wakefield, Quebec, Canada (2-CDR) (A-)
04-10-08: The Fillmore at Irving Plaza, New York, NY (2-CDR) (A-)
04-12-08: Theater Of The Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA (2-CDR) (A-)
04-30-08: The Music Mill, Indianapolis, IN (2-CDR) (A-)
05-01-08: Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI (2-CDR) (A/A-)
05-09-08: The Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO (2-CDR) (A/A-)
05-10-08: Belly Up Tavern, Aspen, CO (2-CDR) (A/A-)
05-16-08: "The World Cafe" WXPN-FM, Philadelphia, PA (CDR) (A)
05-20-08: The Independent, San Francisco, CA (Version 1) (2-CDR) (A/A-)
05-20-08: The Independent, San Francisco, CA (Version 2) (2-CDR) (A/A-)
05-25-08: Element Night Club, Victoria, BC, Canada (2-CDR) (A-)
05-31-08: Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA (CDR) (A-)
06-14-08: Voxhall, Arhus, Denmark (2-CDR) (A-)
06-18-08: Vera, Groningen, The Netherlands (2-CDR) (A/A-)
06-25-08: Academy 3, Manchester, England (2-CDR) (A-)
11-08-08: Capitol Theater, York, PA (w/ John Doe) (2-CDR) (A-)
11-15-08: The Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA (w/ John Doe) (2-CDR) (A/A-)
11-24-08: Konserthuset, Stenhammarsalen, Goteborg, Sweden (2-CDR) (A/A-)
02-18-09: Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA (2-CDR) (A-)
02-20-09: World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA (4 Channel Recording) (2-CDR) (A)
07-25-09: 10KLF 2009, 10,000 Lakes Music Festival, Barn Stage, Soo Pass Ranch, Detroit Lakes, MN (2-CDR) (A-)
04-20-10: The Drake Hotel, Toronto, Canada (CDR) (A-)
04-27-10: The Drake Hotel, Toronto, Canada (2-CDR) (A-)
05-04-10: The Drake Hotel, Toronto, Canada (2-CDR) (A-)
07-17-10: Stephen Talkhouse, Amagansett, NY (2-CDR) (A)
08-03-10: The Dakota Tavern, Toronto, Canada (CDR) (A-)
08-28-11: The Dakota Tavern, Toronto, Canada (CDR) (A)
09-09-11: Uptown Theater, Kansas City, MO (CDR) (A-)
01-00-12: CBC Studio 211, Toronto, Canada (CBC Radio Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
01-14-12: CBC Studio 211, Toronto, Canada (CBC Radio 2 Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
01-20-12 & 1-23-12: CBC Radio Broadcasts, Toronto, Canada (MP3 Sourced) (CDR) (A)
01-28-12: Exit/In, Nashville, TN (2-CDR) (A-)
02-01-12: World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
02-09-12: Ventosa Vineyards, Geneva, NY (2-CDR) (A-)
02-10-12: The Molson Canadian Studio @ Hamilton Place, Hamilton, Canada (2-CDR) (A-)
02-11-12: Phoenix Theatre, Toronto, Canada (2-CDR) (A-)
03-04-12: Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2-CDR) (A/A-)
03-31-12: The Independent, San Francisco, CA (2-CDR) (A)
04-25-12: World Cafe Live At The Queen, Wilmington, DE (2-CDR) (A-)
07-21-12: "WXPN XPoNential Music Festival" Wiggins Park, Camden Waterfront, Camden, NJ (CDR) (A)
07-28-12: Jackson - Triggs Winery, Niagara-On-The Lake, Ontario, Canada (2-CDR) (A/A-)
2002-12: "10 Years Live - Reverb Is My Salt" Various Live Recordings (3-CDR) (A-)
01-29-13: Brighton Music Hall, Allston (Boston), MA (2-CDR) (A)
01-30-13: City Winery, New York, NY (2-CDR) (A)
01-31-13: City Winery, New York, NY (2-CDR) (A)
05-25-13: "CBC Music Festival" Echo Beach, Toronto, ON, Canada (FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
2002-2013: Compilation Of Live Cover Songs By Various Artists (A-)
                (CDR - "A Concert Dream: I Guess They Oughta' Name A Drink After You")

11-03-04: The Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (CDR) (A/A-)
12-18-04: Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW, Australia (FM Broadcast: Aired - 10/8/2006) (CDR) (A)
02-25-05: The Arena, Vienna, Austria (FM Broadcast) (A)
                (CDR - "Midnight Show")
07-09-05: "T" In The Park" Festival, Balado, Scotland (A)
                (CDR - "Souldiers In The Park")
09-08-06: Blackpool Empress Ballroom, Blackpool, England (FM Broadcast: Aired - 9/10/2006) (CDR) (A/A-)
09-14-06: "WDR Enis Live Radiokonzert" Yard Club, Cologne, Germany (CDR) (A/A-) (CDR) (A/A-)
12-10-06: "KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2006" Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA (CDR) (A/A-)
09-13-07: Nokie Theater, Grand Paririe, TX (2-CDR) (B+)
11-04-07: Fenix Festival, Arena Santiago, Santiago, Chile (FM Broadcast) (2-CDR) (A/A-)
11-11-08: Kesselhaus, Berlin, Germany (CDR) (A-)

01-21-72: The Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury, Park, London, England (Broadcast 7/23/72) (CDR) (B+)
                (includes "Kinks In Concert" BBC Television 1972)
02-05-77: Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA (2-CDR) (A-)

10-24-99: "Vin Scelsa's Idiot's Delight" (WNEW-FM 102.7 Broadcast), New York, NY (2-CDR) (A)

08-31-69: Dallas International Motor Speedway, Lewisville, TX (SBD/AUD Matrix) (A)
                (CDR - "Live: Texas International Pop Festival 1969")
07-17-73: Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, WA (A-)
                (3-CDR - "Monsters Of Rock")
06-23-77: L.A. Forum, Los Angeles, CA (A)
                (3-CDR - "For Badgeholders Only")
03-14-75: Sports Arena, San Diego, CA (A)
                (3-CDR - "Conspiracy Theory")

03-09-75: Paul's Mall, Boston, MA (WBCN-FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A/A-)

11-20-70: Fillmore East, New York, NY (CDR) (A)
11-21-70: Fillmore East, New York, NY (CDR) (A)
12-11-70: Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA (CDR) (B+)
00-00-71: Vine Street Theatre, Los Angeles, CA (PBS-KCET-TV) (CDR) (A-)
11-26-71: "North Country Fair" TV Show, Stockholm, Sweden (CDR) (A/A-)
05-14-82: Civic Auditorium, Portland, OR (2-CDR) (A)
03-22-86: The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA (2-CDR) (A)
11-20-86: The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA (w/ Edgar Winter Band) (2-CDR) (A)
09-00-87: "Austin City Limits" TV Studio 6A, University of Texas, Austin, TX (Includes Steve Earle's Set) (CDR) (A-)
12-30-05: Tampa Theatre, Tampa, FL ((Includes Dave Mason's set) (CDR) (B)
07-24-11: White Water Amphitheater, Canyon Lake, TX (CDR) (A-)
07-30-11: Mud Island Amphitheatre, Memphis, TN (CDR) (A/A-)
08-01-11: Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN (CDR) (A-)
08-12-11: Bethel Woods Center For The Arts, Bethel, NY (CDR) (A-)
08-13-11: Jones Beach Theatre, Wantagh, NY (CDR) (A-)
08-20-11: Bangor Waterfront Pavilion, Bangor, ME (CDR) (A)
06-13-14: Grand Opera House, Wilmington, DE (2-CDR) (A)

00-00-68: BBC Shows From August 31, 1968 & September 7, 1968 (CDR) (A)
04-19-72: Yad Eliyahu Sports Palace, Tel Aviv, Israel (CDR) (A)
06-25-76: Casino de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland (2-CDR) (A)
11-11-79: Kuppelsaal, Hannover Congress Centrum, Hannover, West Germany (2-CDR) (A/A-)
12-08-79: Birmingham Odeon, Birmingham, England (CDR) (A)
10-30-80: Concertigebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Pre-FM Recording) (2-CDR) (A)
02-02-85: Rhein-Main-Halle, Wiesbaden, Germany (3-CDR) (A/A-)
03-11-85: Sporthalle, Cologne, Germany (3-CDR) (A/A-)
03-14-85: Grugahalle, Essen, Germany (2-CDR) (A/A-)
05-11-85: Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (2-CDR) (A/A-)
07-06-85: Arkadenhof, Vienna, Austria (2-CDR) (A)
07-09-85: Casino De Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland (FM Recording) (3-CDR) (A)
04-18-88: Music Theatre, Amsterdam, Holland (2-CDR) (A)
06-24-88: Levgardalsholl, Reykjavik, Iceland (3-CDR) (A)
06-28-88: Nygardsparken, Bergen, Norway (A-)
                (2-CDR - "I'm Your Man" Boot LP source)
04-18-93: The Complex, Los Angeles, CA (PRE-FM Recording) (A+)
                (CDR - "The Columbia Records Radio Hour Presents Leonard Cohen Live!")
04-29-93: Jaahalli, Helsinki, Finland (FM Recording) (2-CDR) (A)
05-02-93: Lisebergshallen, Gothenburg, Sweden (FM Recording) (CDR) (A+)
05-07-93: Falkoner Teatret, Copenhagen, Denmark (2-CDR) (A-)
05-21-93: Congresshalle, Zurich, Switzerland (A)
                (2-CDR - "The Ladies' Man In Concert")
05-23-08: Capitol Theatre, Moncton, NB, Canada (2-CDR) (A) Taped by Walkin' Dude
04-05-09: Dodge Theatre, Phoenix, AZ (AUD Matrix Mix) (3-CDR) (A)
05-25-09: National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (3-CDR) (A)
05-29-09: Wang Theater, Boston, MA (3-CDR) (A)
07-01-09: Lanxess Arena, Cologne, Germany (3-CDR) (A)
07-02-09: 02 World, Berlin, Germany (3-CDR) (A/A-)
07-16-09: Krogshavn, Langesund, Norway (3-CDR) (A)
07-22-09: The 02, Dublin, Ireland (3-CDR) (A-)
10-19-09: Morsani Hall, Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, Tampa, FL (3-CDR) (A)
08-04-10: Malmo Arena, Malmo, Sweden (2-CDR) (A)
08-22-10: Sint-Pietersplein, Ghent, Belgium (3-CDR) (A)
09-03-10: Bowling Green, Wiesbaden, Germany (3-CDR) (A)
09-27-10: TUI-Arena, Hannover, Germany (3-CDR) (A/A-)
11-12-10: The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vgas, NV (3-CDR) (A/A-)
12-02-10: Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC, Canada (3-CDR) (A)
12-15-12: Wang Theater, Boston, MA (3-CDR) (A)
09-18-13: Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (3-CDR) (A)
09-20-13: Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (3-CDR) (A)

01-28-83: Starry Night, Portland, OR (w/ Rick Danko) (CDR) (A)
05-29-88: Lone Star Cafe, New York City, NY (Levon Helm & Friends) (CDR) (A)
                (w/ Harry Dean Stanton, Bob Dylan & Phoebe Snow)

04-24-74: Ebbet's Field, Denver, CO (CDR) (A)

11-18-73: The Record Plant, Sausalito, CA (KSAN-FM) (CDR) (A)
00-00-74: McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA (Country Gazette) (CDR) (B+)
07-21-74: My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY (FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A/A-)
09-22-75: San Jose Center For Performing Arts, San Jose, CA (Early & Late Shows) (2-CDR) (A-)
11-21-76: RAI Congrescentrum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (FM Broadcast on Dutch KRO Radio) (CDR) (A/A-) Goody Remaster
12-12-76: Capitol Center, Landover, MD (CDR) (A-)
10-03-77: Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA (A-)
                (CDR - "The Lost and Found Mike the MICrophone Tapes Vol. 11 ") Mike Millard 1st Gen Tape via JEMS
12-01-77: Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA (A)
                (2-CDR - "For The Kangoroos")
03-00-79: Budokan, Tokyo, Japan (A/A-)
                (2-CDR - "Live At Budokan")
10-22-90: Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA (A)
                (2-CDR - "The Lost and Found Mike the MICrophone Tapes Vol. 20") Mike Millard master recording via JEMS

1970-73: "Coffee Plant Demos" (2-CDR) (A/A-)

1971-1977: "Demos and Outtakes" (CDR) (A-)
04-10-73: Ultrasonic Studios (WLIR-FM), Hempstead, NY (CDR) (A/A-)
07-19-73: Ebbet's Field, Denver, CO (A/A-)
                (2-CDR - "Snakes On Everything")
09-19-74: Ultrasonic Studios (WLIR-FM), Hempstead, NY (CDR) (A)
10-18-75: Auditorium Theatre, Rochester, NY (CDR) (A)
10-31-75: Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA (WBCN-FM Broadcast) (2-CDR) (A)
05-05-76: Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA (Early & Late Shows) (3-CDR) (A) Steve Hopkins Recording

05-27-17: Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJ (FM Broadcast) (2-CDR) (A) dolphinsmile via JTT

LITTLE VILLAGE (featuring John Hiatt)
04-07-92: Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA (CDR) (A)
04-15-92: Arie Crown Theater, Chicago, IL (A)
                (2-CDR - "Stage Job")
04-26-92: Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA (WBCN-FM Broadcast) (2-CDR) (A)

12-06-84: Amsterdam, Holland (CDR) (A)
09-01-85: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England (A)
                (CDR - "In Concert On The BBC")
02-03-86: Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy (CDR) (B+)
06-07-86: Stadionpark, Konstanz, West Germany (CDR) (A/A-)
06-22-86: Worthy Farm, Glastonbury CND Festival, Pilton, UK (FM-Radio) (CDR) (A)
00-00-87: "Mainstream Demos" (CDR) (A)
11-13-87: Royal Center, Nottingham, UK (BBC Radio 1) (CDR) (A)
Various Dates: "Acoustic Radio Sessions 1990-2002" (MP3 Sourced) (CDR) (A/A-)
10-26-91: Hammersmith Oden, London, England (CDR) (A)
11-09-93: Black Sessions, Paris, France (FM-Radio) (CDR) (A)
10-10-95: Gino, Stockholm, Sweden (FM-Radio) (CDR) (A)
04-16-98: The Mercury Lounge, New York, NY (CDR) (A/A-)
06-12-01: Village Underground, New York, NY (CDR) (A-)
10-01-03: Bremen, Germany (Radio Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
02-10-06: Knust, Hamburg, Germany (CDR) (A-)
04-15-09: Knust, Hamburg, Germany (NDR2 Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
11-18-09: L'Europeen, Paris, France (2-CDR) (A-)

03-25-72: CBS 30th Street Studio, New York City, NY (CBS Promotional Record) (CDR) (A/A-)
06-30-72: Soldiers & Sailor's Memorial Hall, Kansas City, MO (CDR) (A)

07-26-85: Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA (CDR) (B+)
Various Dates: "Record Plant Demos 1987/1983 - Remastered" (CDR) (A/A-)

02-26-00: Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (2-CDR) (A)

08-01-08: Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO (2-CDR) (A-)
07-03-10: "National Cherry Festival" Bayside Stage, Traverse City, MI (2-CDR) (A-)

06-19-79: Paradise Theatre, Boston, MA (CDR) (A-)
06-26-79: Alexander's, Browns Mill, NJ (CDR) (A)

02-26-89: Folkscene (KPFK-FM), Los Angeles, CA (CDR) (A/A-)
05-19-89: De Effenaar, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
07-15-89: Central Park Summerstage, NYC, NY (CDR) (A)
10-24-89 & 02-27-99: "Austin City Limits" TV Studio 6A, University of Texas, Austin, TX (CDR) (A)
11-18-89: The Gluepot, Auckland, New Zealand (2-CDR) (A)
08-09-91: McCabes, Santa Monica, CA (2-CDR) (A)
09-30-92: The Palms Playhouse, Davis, CA (Early & Late Shows) (2-CDR) (A)
10-26-92: Steven Talkhouse, Miami, FL (CDR) (A-)
12-06-92: The Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA (2-CDR) (A)
04-24-93: Steven Talkhouse, Miami, FL (2nd Set) (CDR) (A)
06-20-93: Central Club Hotel, Melbourne, Australia (CDR) (A)
09-05-93: Strawberry Festival, Camp Mather, Yosemite, CA (2-CDR) (A)
03-19-94: La Zona Rosa, Austin, TX (CDR) (A)
                (Bonus: includes 3/17/95 KGSR-FM Interview with 3 Live In Studio Tracks)
09-26-98: Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA (FM) (CDR) (A)
10-13-98: Barrymore's Music Hall, Ottawa, Canada (2-CDR) (A)
10-21-98: Somerville Theatre, Davis Square, Somerville, MA (SBD/AUD Matrix) (2-CDR) (A)
12-04-98: KGSR 8th Anniversary Concert, Austin, TX (CDR) (A)
04-23-99: House Of Blues, French Quarters, New Orleans, LA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
05-06-99: Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI (2-CDR) (A)
09-05-99: Walnut Creek Amphitheater, Raleigh, NC (CDR) (A)
10-30/31-99: Shoreline Amphitheater, Mt. View, CA (CDR) (A)
11-16-99: Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA (CDR) (A)
03-13-01: Caravan Of Dreams, Ft. Worth, TX (2-CDR) (A/A-)
03-30-01: Carnegie Music Hall, Pittsburgh, PA (A)
                (CDR - "Poetry Sung, Poetry Said")
12-04-01: Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
05-16-03: Universal Hall, Berlin, Germany (A)
                (2-CDR - "Berlin 2003")
07-16-03: White River Amphitheater, Auburn, WA (CDR) (A-)
11-20-03: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
11-21-03: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (3-CDR) (A-)
11-22-03: The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
06-22-05: Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR (2-CDR) (A-)
08-07-05: 9:30 Club, Washington, DC (2-CDR) (A/A-)
09-09-05: Rialto Theatre, Tuscon, AZ (2-CDR) (A-)
03-31-06: El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
11-01-06: Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2-CDR) (A-)
11-10-06: Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, England (w/ Bruce Springsteen) (2-CDR) (B+)
03-23-07: Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY (2-CDR) (A-)
03-28-07: The Forum, Harrisburg, PA (w/ guest Alejandro Escovedo) (2-CDR) (A/A-)
07-28-07: Brookhaven Amphitheatre, Long Island, NY (w/ Charlie Louvin) (2-CDR) (A/A-)
07-08-08: Mann Music Center, Philadelphia, PA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
10-14-08: Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI (2-CDR) (A-)
07-10-09: Tivoli, Utrecht, The Netherlands (2-CDR) (A-)
09-17-11: The Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA (CDR) (A)
01-26-16: Kesselhaus Kulturbrauerei, Berlin, Germany (2-CDR) (A-)
03-10-16: World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA (2-CDR) (A-)
Various Dates: "Dark Side Of Life" Studio Tracks (CDR) (A+)
Various Dates: "Sweet Old World Demos" (Unreleased) (CDR) (A)
Various Dates: "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road" (Unreleased - Gurf Morlix Mixes) (CDR) (A+)

10-20-12: DG's Tap House, Ames, IA (SBD/MIC Matrix) (2CDR) (A-)

11-11-75: "The Old Gray Whistle Test" BBC TV Theatre, Shepherd's Bush, London, England (CDR) (A)
                (Source: Finnish TV Rebroadcast December 13, 2002)
03-07-76: Winterland, San Francisco, CA (CDR) (A/A-)

03-04-16: "Morning Becomes Eclectic" Santa Monica, CA (KCRW-FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A)

00-00-72: Harvard Dining Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (2-CDR) (A)

11-20-73: Paris Theatre, London, England (A)
                (CDR - "Quinn The Escimo")
00-00-76: "Road To Babylon" (CDR) (A-)
11-10-76: B'ginnings, Schaumburg, IL (CDR) (A-)
05-01-03: Alte Spinnerei, Glauchau, Germany (A-)
                (2-CDR - "Smoke On The Spinning Mill")
04-11-14: Kantine, Cologne, Germany (2-CDR) (A)

03-24-00: Theater Of The Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA (A/A-)
                (2-CDR - "Kids In Philly" Release Party)
04-20-00: The Shelter, Detroit, MI (CDR) (A)
07-14-00: The 9:30 Club, Washington, DC (A-)
                (CDR - "Kids In DC")

09-19-89: The Bayou Theatre, Washington, D.C. (A-)
                (CDR - "Bayou")
06-09-93: The Junction, Cambridge, England (A)
                (CDR - "Breathe")
06-23-93: Club Logo, Hamburg, Germany (CDR) (A/A-)
10-17-93: The Strand, Redondo Beach, CA (A-)
                (CDR - "Absolutely Sweet Maria")
00-00-94: Mountain Stage, WV (FM) (CDR) (A)
05-14-03: Nalen, Stockholm, Sweden (2-CDR) (A-)
05-17-07: Nalen, Stockholm, Sweden (2-CDR) (A/A-)
1987-93:   "Gang Of Angels" (B-Sides, Rarities & Live Tracks) (CDR) (A)
1992-96:   "What's Going On With Miss X?" (B-Sides, Rarities & Live Tracks) (CDR) (A)
Various Dates: "Not Tossed Away" (B-Sides, Rarities & Live Tracks) (CDR) (A)
Various Dates: "Soul Between The Fleshpots" (B-Sides, Rarities & Live Tracks) (CDR) (A)

00-00-70: "Live In Ohio 1970 - FM Broadcast" (CDR) (A-)
                (Retracked From Original Boot "City Morning Freedom" by Doinker)

05-23-96: Royal Albert Hall, England (A)
                (2-CDR - "Swinging Golden Hearts")
06-08-96: Stadtpark, Hamburg, Germany (A)
                (2-CDR - "Golden Live")
06-10-96: The Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark (A)
                (2-CDR - "Copenhagen '96")
06-12-96: Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden (A)
                (CDR - "The Golden Globe")
08-03-96: Theatre Antique, Vaison, France (A)
                (3-CDR - "Vaison '96")
05-20-01: The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA (IEM/AUD Matrix) (2-CDR) (A+)
05-24-01: Saenger Theater, New Orleans, LA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
06-16-01: Stadtpark, Hamburg, Germany (2-CDR) (A/A-)
06-26-01: Le Zenith, Paris, France (A-)
                (2-CDR - "Le Zenith")
07-07-01: Piazza San Martino, Lucca, Italy (2-CDR) (A)
07-24-02 Shepherds Bush Empire, London, England (2-CDR) (A)
04-15-05: Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2-CDR) (A/A-)
04-16-05: Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2-CDR) (A/A-)
04-17-05: Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2-CDR) (A/A-)
06-26-05: Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA (2-CDR) (A-)
05-19-06: World Cafe (WXPN-FM), Philadelphia, PA (w/ Emmylou Harris) (CDR) (A)
05-26-06: Vorst Nationaal, Brussels, Belgium (w/ Emmylou Harris) (2-CDR) (A/A-)
06-03-06: Verona Arena, Verona, Italy (w/ Emmylou Harris) (German NDR Radio Broadcast) (2-CDR) (A+)
06-06-06: Festhalle, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (w/ Emmylou Harris) (2-CDR) (A-)
06-08-06: Wembley Arena, London, England (w/ Emmylou Harris) (2-CDR) (A-)
06-12-06: Le Zenith, Paris, France (w/ Emmylou Harris) (2-CDR) (A/A-)
06-28-06: Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City, Los Angeles, CA (w/ Emmylou Harris) (2-CDR) (A-)
11-12-07: "AVO Session" Festsaal Messe, Basel, Switzerland (CDR) (A/A-)
05-21-08: Newcastle City Hall, Newcastle, England (2-CDR) (A-)
06-24-08: Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO (2-CDR) (A/A-)
06-28-08: Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA (2-CDR) (A)
07-16-08: Fraze Pavilion, Kettering, OH (2-CDR) (A)
07-27-08: Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, SC (2-CDR) (A)
04-11-10: Hult Center, Eugene, OR (2-CDR) (A/A-)
04-17-10: Pantages Theater, Hollywood, CA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
05-01-10: MGM Grand at Foxwoods, Mashantucket, CT (2-CDR) (A/A-)
05-02-10: Warner Theatre, Washington, DC (2-CDR) (A/A-)
05-08-10: Maximus Theater, Caesars Circus, Atlantic City, NJ (2-CDR) (A/A-)
05-31-10: Royal Albert Hall, London, England (2-CDR) (A)
06-16-10: 02 World, Hamburg, Germany (2-CDR) (A)
07-23-10: Pavello Olimpic, Barcelona, Spain (2-CDR) (A/A-)
10-16-11: Zenith Arena, Lille, France (CDR) (A)
10-17-11: Palais Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France (A)
                (CDR - "That Night In Paris")
10-23-11: Konig Pilsener Arena, Oberhausen, Germany (CDR) (A)
11-03-11: Malmo Arena, Malmo, Sweden (CDR) (A)
11-06-11: TUI Arena, Hannover, Germany (CDR) (A-)
10-27-12: Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas, NV (CDR) (A)
11-20-12: Verizon Center, Washington, DC (CDR)) (A)
05-02-13: Pala Olimpico, Turin, Italy (2-CDR) (A)
09-19-15: Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, CA (2-CDR) (A/A-)

06-29-82: My Father's Place, Roslyn, Long Island, NY (A/A-)
                (CDR - "Rockin' Around NYC")
07-18-83: Agora Ballroom, West Hartford, CT (CDR) (A/A-)
08-13-83: Irvine Meadows, Laguna Hills, CA (CDR) (B+)
08-27-83: Club Lingerie, Hollywood, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
12-27-85: The Ritz, New York, NY (CDR) (A-)
08-01-87: The Ritz, New York, NY (CDR) (B+)
03-18-95: U.T. Grand Ballroom, SXSW Showcase, Austin, TX (CDR) (A)

1968-71:   "The Lost Demos" (A/A-)
09-26-73: Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA (FM-Broadcast) (CDR) (A-)
12-31-73: Cow Palace, Daly City, CA (CDR) (B+)
05-08-74: The Record Plant, Sausalito, CA (KSAN-FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A-)
06-23-74: Ebbets Field House, Denver, CO (FM-Broadcast) (CDR) (A/A-)
11-29-74: Palace Theater, Providence, RI (CDR) (B+)
03-12-76: Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA (Late Show) (CDR) (B+)
03-13-76: One To One Benefit Concert, Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY (A-)
                (CDR - "Live At Nassau Coliseum")
03-12-77: Uptown Theater, Chicago, IL (Original WKQX-FM Broadcast Date: 5/5/77) (2-CDR) (A-)
09-03-77: Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ (CDR) (B+)
09-12-77: Central Park, New York City, NY (CDR) (B)
09-17-77: Swing Auditorium, San Bernadino, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
12-31-78: The Warehouse, New Orleans, LA (2-CDR) (A-)
03-14-80: Chisler Arena, Ann Arbor, MI (2-CDR) (A)
04-18-80: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY (2-CDR) (A-)
05-16-81: Great Adventure Park, Jackson, NJ (FM-Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
09-19-95: South Carolina Music Hall Of Fame Indiction, Spartansburg, SC (CDR) (A)

08-31-02: Vin Scelsa's 'Be My Guest', WFUV 90.7 FM, Fordham University, NY (A)
                (2-CDR - "The Stripped Down 'Vette")

11-28-77: The Bottom Line, New York, NY (Late Show - WNEW-FM Broadcast) CDR) (A)
11-29-77: My Father's Place, Old Roslyn, NY (WLIR-FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
01-18-78: El Mocambo, Toronto, Canada (A)
                (CDR - "Two Gigs Live In 1978")
06-06-78: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England (A)
                (CDR - "Two Gigs Live In 1978")
09-01-78: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY (A)
                (CDR - "Live At Nassau Colliseum 9-1-1978")
04-21-93: International Arena, Cardiff, Wales (A)
                (2-CDR - "To Hell And Back")
09-15-93: Hudson Theater, New York, NY (A)
                (CDR - "Hell Can Wait")
09-08-05: Tower City Amphitheatre, Cleveland, OH (2-CDR) (B+)
03-20-07: Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (2-CDR) (A-)

00-00-90: "Austin City Limits" TV Studio 6A, University of Texas, Austin, TX (CDR) (A)

02-20-79: Earth Tavern, Portland, OR (A)
                (CDR - "Blues At The Earth")

02-18-96: Logo, Hamburg, Germany (Radio Broadcast) (2-CDR) (A)
02-29-04: Kulturgiesserei, Schoneiche, Germany (2-CDR) (A)
02-26-06: Kulturgiesserei, Schoneiche, Germany (2-CDR) (A)

04-21-73: Record Plant, Sausalito, CA (KSAN-FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A/A-)

04-11-76: Monthey, Switzerland (2-CDR) (A)

08-13-10: "Haldren Pop Festival" Rees, Germany (FM-Broadcast) (CDR) (A)

11-23-05: The Palace Theater, Louisville, KY (FM-Broadcast) (CDR) (A) (info)
11-26-05: BBC Studios (Dermot O'Leary), London, England (FM-Broadcast) (CDR) (A) (info)

04-27-93: Paramount Theatre, Austin, TX (CDR) (A)
10-11-94: Royal Albert Hall, London, England (A+)
                (CDR - "Sound Of Loneliness")
10-09-95: Civic Hall, Wolverhamton, West Midlands, UK (CDR) (A/A-)

03-05-10: Mermaid Theatre, London, England (BBC FM Broadcast) (2-CDR) (A)
12-07-10: Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA (2-CDR) (A)

02-25-70: Music Hall, Cincinnati, OH (A/A-)
                (CDR - "Winterlong")
03-06-70: Fillmore East, New York, NY (B+)
                (CDR - "Sunset Cowboy")
12-04-70: Carnegie Hall, New York City, NY (Late Show) (2-CDR) (B)
01-19-71: Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (CDR) (A)
01-21-71: Music Hall, Boston, MA (Early Show) (CDR) (B+)
02-01-71: Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles, CA (B+)
                (CDR - "I'm Happy That Y'All Came Down")
02-23-71: BBC Television Theatre, Shepherd's Bush, London, England (A)
                (CDR - "BBC In Concert 1971")
02-27-71: Royal Festival Hall, London, England (2-CDR) (A/A-)
00-00-73: Selections From "Time Fades Away Tour '73" (B+)
                (CDR - "Don't Be Denied")
01-15-73: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada (A-)
                (CDR - "Lonely Weekend")
02-11-73: Public Hall, Cleveland Convention Center, Cleveland, OH (CDR) (B+)
03-11-73: Civic Auditorium, Bakersfield, CA (w/ David Crosby & Graham Nash) (2-CDR) (B+)
11-05-73: Rainbow Theater, London, England (B+)
                (2-CDR - "Tequila Nights")
1973-74:  "Tonights The Night Acetate" (CDR) (A/A-)
05-16-74: Bottom Line, New York, NY (A-)
                (CDR - "Citizen Kane Junior Blues")
03-23-75: Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, CA (A-)
                (CDR - "SNACK Benefit")
00-00-76: "The Joel Bernstein Tapes" Acoustic Soundboard Songs, 1976 Fall Tour (CDR) (A/A-)
03-03-76: Aichken Taiikukan, Nagoya, Japan (Original Mister Peach Recording) (A) (info)
               (2-CDR - "Wet Show")
03-04-76: Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan (A-)
               (2-CDR - "1st Night In Osaka")
03-05-76: Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan (A)
                (CDR - "Osaka")
03-11-76: Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan (A)
               (2-CDR - "Arena Of Gold")
03-26-76: Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam, Holland (B+)
                (2-CDR - "Neil At The Skating Rink") An Old Dutch Master Production
11-04-76: The Forum, Inglewood, CA (B+)
               (2-CDR - "Old Man's Fancy") Source: Vinal Bootleg
11-15-76: Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL (A) (info)
                (2-CDR - "Chicago Hurricane")
11-20-76: Palladium, New York, NY (A)
                (2-CDR - "Sometime In New York City")
11-22-76: Music Hall, Boston, MA (Early & Late Shows) (A-)
               (4-CDR - "Well-Known Secret")
05-24-78: Boarding House, San Francisco, CA (CDR) (A-)
08-12-82: Sherwood Hall, Salinas, CA (A-)
                (2-CDR - "A Runner In Peru")
09-25-84: "Austin City Limits" TV Studio 6A, University of Texas, Austin, TX (A)
               (2-CDR - "Last Of A Dying Breed")
10-17-86: Metropolitan Sports Arena, Minneapolis, MN (A/A-)
                (2-CDR - "Powder Finger") Silver Rarities
11-09-87: Cotati Cabaret, Cotati, CA (Early Show) (CDR) (B+)
11-11-87: The Omni, Oakland, CA (Early & Late Shows) (2-CDR) (B+)
11-12-87: The Old Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (Early & Late Shows) (2-CDR) (A-)
04-19-88: The World, New York City, NY (Early & Late Shows) (2-CDR) (B+)
08-19-88: Lakeside Amphitheater, Darien Lake, NY (2-CDR) (A-)
08-26-88: Mann Music Center, Philadelphia, PA (2-CDR) (A)
08-27-88: Jones Beach Music Center, Wantaugh, NY (A/A-)
                (2-CDR - "Blue Notes")
08-18-89: Pacific Amphitheater, Costa Mesa, CA (A-)
                (2-CDR - "The Lost and Found Mike the MICrophone Tapes Vol. 45") Mike Millard First Generation Tapes via JEMS
12-11-89: Elysee Montmartre, Paris, France (A)
                (CDR - "Plays Acoustic In Paris")
11-13-90: The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA (3-CDR) (A-)
01-20-92: Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA (A-)
                (CDR - "Silver & Gold")
09-22-92: Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
11-17-92: WTTW Studios, Chicago, IL (A)
                (2-CDR - "Centerstage Uncut")
07-03-93: Torhout Rock Festival, Torhout, Belgium (A)
                (CDR - "Ride My Motorcycle")
08-26-95: Simmons Court Pavilion, RDS, Dublin, Ireland (A-)
                (2-CDR - "Neil Young With Pearl Jam In Dublin")
10-28-95: Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA (A)
                (CDR - "Bridge Benefit 1995")
03-20-96: Old Princeton Landing, Princeton By The Sea, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
03-21-96: Old Princeton Landing, Princeton By The Sea, CA (A-)
                (2-CDR - "The Last Night With The Echos")
04-09-96: Old Princeton Landing, Princeton By The Sea, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
04-10-96: Old Princeton Landing, Princeton By The Sea, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
06-04-96: Old Princeton Landing, Princeton By The Sea, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
06-09-96: Old Princeton Landing, Princeton By The Sea, CA (2-CDR) (A-/B+)
06-25-96: Sjohistoriska Museel, Stockholm, Sweden (A-)
                (2-CDR - "Big Time With Crazy Horse")
09-16-96: Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
09-17-96: Concord Pavilion, Concord, CA 2-CDR) (A-)
10-31-96: Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario (A-) (info)
                (3-CDR - "Dancin' In The Sunset Hues")
03-08-99: Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, Portland, OR (2-CDR) (A)
03-11-99: Opera House, Spokane, WA (2-CDR) (A)
03-17-99: Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, CA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
03-20-99: Paramount Theater, Oakland, CA (2-CDR) (A) (info)
04-14-99: Fox Theater, St. Louis, MO (2-CDR) (A)
04-21-99: Madison Square Garden Theater, New York, NY (2-CDR) (A)
04-22-99: Madison Square Garden Theater, New York, NY (2-CDR) (A-)
04-25-99: Oakdale Theater, Wallingford, CT (2-CDR) (A-)
05-29-99: Bass Concert Hall, Austin, TX (2-CDR) (A-)
06-01-99: Aerial Theatre, Houston, TX (2-CDR) (A)
08-08-00: GTE Amphitheater, Virginia Beach, VA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
09-02-00: New World Theater, Tinley Park, IL (2-CDR) (A-)
09-27-00: Santa Barbara County Bowl, Santa Barbara, CA (w/ Friends and Relatives) (2-CDR) (A)
09-28-00: Santa Barbara County Bowl, Santa Barbara, CA (w/ Friends and Relatives) (2-CDR) (A)
01-11-01: Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA (2-CDR) (A-) (info)
06-12-01: Point Theater, Dublin, Ireland (2-CDR) (A-)
06-29-01: "Roskilde Festival" Roskilde, Denmark (A)
                (2-CDR - "Neil Young & Crazy Horse At Roskilde") Crystal Cat
05-21-02: Brixton Academy, London, England (2-CDR) (A-)
05-24-03: Palais des Congres, Paris, France (2-CDR (A-)
2003/2004: Greendale Tours - Encores Compilation, North America & Asia (A-)
                    (4-CDR - "Leaving Greendale Behind")
02-19-04: Queen Elizabeth Theater, Vancouver, BC, Canada (3-CDR) (A-)
02-20-04: Theatre Of The Clouds, Portland, OR (2-CDR) (A-)
02-23-04: Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, CA (3-CDR) (A-)
02-24-04: Shrine Theater, Los Angeles, CA (3-CDR) (A-)
02-28-04: Tingley Coliseum, Albuquerque, NM (3-CDR) (A-)
03-11-04: Convocation Center, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH (2-CDR) (A-)
09-15-04: Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA (CDR) (A)
09-17-04: Cowichan Theatre, Duncan, BC, Canada (CDR) (A-)
10-22-07: Keller Auditorium, Portland, OR (2-CDR) (A/A-)
10-28-07: Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA (CDR) (A)
11-12-07: Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL (2-CDR) (A/A-)
11-13-07: Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL (2-CDR) (A/A-)
02-14-08: Le Grand Rex, Paris, France (A)
                (2-CDR - "Le Grand Rex First Evening") Crystal Cat
02-15-08: Le Grand Rex, Paris, France (A)
                (3-CDR - "Le Grand Rex Second Evening" - Includes Pegi Young's Opening Set) Crystal Cat
03-14-08: Hammersmith Apollo, London, England (3-CDR) (A/A-)
06-29-08: Malahide Castle, Malahide, Ireland (2-CDR) (A-)
06-30-08: Live At The Marquee, Cork, Ireland (2-CDR) (A/A-)
07-04-08: "Festival Terrein" Werchter, Belgium (2-CDR) (A/A-)
07-12-08: Optimus Alive!08, Passeio Maritimo De Alges, Oeiras, Portugal (2-CDR) (A/A-)
08-11-08: Oslo Spektrum, Oslo, Norway (2-CDR) (A/A-)
08-15-08: Theatre de Plein Air, Parc Expo Colmar, Colmar, France (2-CDR) (A/A-)
08-17-08: "Lovely Day Festival" Wiesen, Austria (2-CDR) (A-)
08-19-08: Zitadelle, Berlin, Germany (2-CDR) (A/A-)
12-15-08: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY (2-CDR) (A/A-)
06-04-09: Le Zenith, Paris, France (2-CDR) (A/A-)
05-18-10: Palace Theatre, Albany, NY (2-CDR) (A/A-)
05-19-10: Shea's Performance Arts Center, Buffalo, NY (2-CDR) (A/A-)
05-21-10: Hanover Theatre, Worcester, MA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
07-11-10: Fox Theater, Oakland, CA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
09-26-10: Saenger Theatre, Mobile, AL (2-CDR) (A-)
11-11-12: Rogers Arena, Vabncouyver, BC, Canada (2-CDR) (A/A-)
11-13-12: Calgary Saddledome, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (2-CDR) (A/A-)
01-06-14: Carnegie Hall, New York, NY (2-CDR) (A-)
01-10-14: Carnegie Hall, New York, NY (2-CDR) (A-)
03-30-14: Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, CA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
04-01-14: Dolby Theatre, Hollywood, CA (2-CDR) (A)
10-17-15: The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA (w/ Promise Of The Real) (2-CDR) (A/A-)
06-08-16: 3Arena, Dublin, Ireland (w/ Promise Of The Real) (2-CDR) (A/A-)
05-05-18: Fox Theater, Bakersfield, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
05-06-18: Fox Theater, Bakersfield, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
"A Perfect Echo" (8-CDR) (A) (info)
"Chrome Dreams (Rust Edition)" (CDR) (A) (info)
"Chrome Dreams" (CDR) (A/A-)
"Archives Be Damned 2000" Outtakes, Rarities, Demos & Live Versions (5-CDR) (A-) (info)
"1987/1988 Tour Compilation" with the Bluenotes (3-CDR) (A-)

10-19-85: The Ritz, New York, NY (CDR) (A-)
04-23-89: Slims, San Francisco, CA (CDR) (A)
06-25-01: WFUV-FM, Walsh Family Library, Fordham University, The Bronx, NYC (CDR) (A)
10-03-10: "Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival" Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA (CDR) (A-)

06-03-98: Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, Birmingham, England (CDR) (A)
08-18-01: Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ (w/ Bruce Springsteen) (2-CDR) (A-)

03-03-00: Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany (A)
                (CDR - "Excuse Me Germany")
07-26-00: Event Center Arena, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
11-06-02: Denver Coliseum, Denver, CO (2-CDR) (A-)
06-24-04: Coors Amphitheater, Chula Vista, CA (CDR) (B+)
Various Dates: "Sushi Chick" (CDR) (A)

09-19-01: Vin Scelsa's Idiot's Delight (WFUV-FM), Fordham University, NYC (A)
                (2-CDR - "First Radio Appearance...Ever !")
01-29-02: House Of Blues, Cambridge, MA (CDR) (A)
04-16-02: House Of Blues, Chicago, IL (CDR) (A/A-)
06-23-02: Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, TN (2-CDR) (A)
10-18-02: Musikhalle, Hamburg, Germany (CDR) (A)
12-02-02: Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco, CA (CDR) (A)
01-14-03: Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz, Manhattan Beach Recording Studio, NY, NY (CDR) (A)
06-16-03: Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, NC (2-CDR) (A-)
06-20-04: Tempodrome, Berlin, Germany (2-CDR) (A)
08-17-04: Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, NC (2-CDR) (A-)
01-20-07: Maison de la Radio, Studio 104, Paris, France (FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
12-07-09: Maison de la Radio, Studio 104, Paris, France (FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
04-18-12: Alter Wartesaal, Koln, Germany (WDP 2 - German Radio) (CDR) (A)
04-20-12: Live At Studio 105, Maison de la Radio, Paris, France (2-CDR) (A)
05-02-12: Ed Sullivan Theater, New York, NY (CBS Radio Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
Various Dates: "Don't Fence Me - 2001/2004" Several High Quality Radio Broadcasts (CDR) (A)

04-25-90: Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland (Radio Clyde 102.5 FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A)
05-15-90: The Maltings, Snape, Suffolk, England (CDR) (A)
07-06-93: Swan Hunter Benefit Concert, City Hall, Newcastle, England (CDR) (A)
08-01-98: Ronnie Scott's, London, England (2-CDR) (A-)

08-24-76: Jonathan Swifts, Cambridge, MA (2-CDR) (A-)

1967: "A Soupcon Of Soul" Various Live Tracks From 1967 (CDR) (A)

11-10-78: Capital Theatre, Passaic, NJ (WNEW-FM Broadcast) (2-CDR) (A-)
11-28-81: Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh, PA (A/A-)
                (CDR - "Riders On The Devil's Road")

11-06-79: The Agora, Cleveland, OH (FM Broadcast) (A/A-)
                (CDR - "It's Gonna Be Rated X")

12-15/16-95: The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA (A-)
                      (CDR - "Perfect Moon")
04-13-02: Tampa, FL (WMNF-FM) (CDR) (A)

2000:     "Silver Bell" Unreleased Album (CDR) (A)

01-30-86: "Gossip Demos" Studio Recordings (w/ The Coloured Girls) (CDR) (A)
10-31-87: Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia, PA (2-CDR) (A/A-)
09-00-89: Concert Hall, Melbourne, Australia (CDR) (A/A-)
00-00-90: Old Greek Theatre, Melbourne, Australia (CDR) (B)
00-00-91: Melbourne Concert Hall, Melbourne, Australia (CDR) (A-)
07-16-93: McCabes Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
11-16-94: Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, Ca (CDR) (A-)
02-10-95: The Troubadour, W. Hollywood, CA (2-CDR) (B)
01-09-97: Prince Of Wales, Melbourne, Australia (2-CDR) (A)
07-25-98: Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Australia (CDR) (A)
03-20-01: Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia (CDR) (A-)
09-24-01: "JJJ Live At The Wireless" ABC Studios, Melbourne, Australia (CDR) (A-)
04-04-02: Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (2-CDR) (A/A-)
04-24-03: MS Benefit, The Palace, Melbourne, Australia (CDR) (A)
03-05-04: XM-50 (Satellite Radio), The Loft Sessions (CDR) (A)
03-23-04: Chop Suey Lounge, Seattle, WA (2-CDR) (A)
07-17-04: Artscape Festival, Baltimore, MD (w/ Dan Luscombe) (CDR) (A-)
08-03-06: The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA (CDR) (A/A-)
08-08-06: The Rough Mod Club, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (2-CDR) (A)
08-14-08: Scala, Kings Cross, London, England (w/ Dan Kelly) (2-CDR) (A-)
09-17-11: The Blind Owl, Vancouver, BC, Canada (w/ Dan Kelly) (2-CDR) (A-)
09-18-11: The Blind Owl, Vancouver, BC, Canada (w/ Dan Kelly) (2-CDR) (A-)

04-30-17: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan (Multiple IEM + Stereo Soundboard Source / Original Matrix Master) (A)
                (3-CDR - "One On One At Tokyo Dome") EVSD-983/984/985

00-00-87: "The McCartney/Mac Manus Collaboration" (CDR) (A) (info) (info)

12-17-79: The Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK (A/A-) (disc 1) (disc 2)
                (2-CDR - "Last Flight - The Complete 1979 Glasgow Concert")

07-20-93: The Whisky A Go-Go, Los Angeles, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
07-21-93: The Whisky A Go-Go, Los Angeles, CA (A-)
                (CDR - "Lucky's Revenge")
09-04-96: El Rey Theater, Los Angeles, CA (2-CDR) (A-)
09-12-96: Fanasty Studios, Berkeley, CA (FM) (CDR) (A)
08-15-02: Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC (2-CDR) (B+)
11-07-04: Pantages Theater, Minneapolis, MN (2-CDR) (A-)
02-27-05: Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beack, CA (FM Broadcast) (2-CDR) (A/A-)
03-04-05: Grand Emporium, Kansas City, MO (2-CDR) (B+)

10-10-99: Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA (2-CDR) (A)
07-23-14: Royal Albert Hall, London, England (Live Broadcast, BBC Radio 3, w/ Chrissie Hynde) (A)
                (2-CDR - "A Man From The Future (world premiere) - Inspired By The Life & Work of Alan Turing")

05-04-01: "Live X", 99X Studios, Atlanta, GA (FM Recording) (CDR) (A)
08-18-01: Schuba's, Chicago, IL (FM Recording) (CDR) (A/A-)
12-04-01: Harmony Park, Detroit, MI (FM Recording) (CDR) (A)
05-12-04: Avalon Ballroom, Boston, MA (A-)
                (CDR - "For Stacy ('Cos It Already Is)")
07-11-05: The Intersection, Grand Rapids, MI (2-CDR) (B+)
07-12-06: Paradise Lounge, Boston, MA (2-CDR) (B)
09-09-06: Martyr's, Chicago, IL (FM Recording) (CDR) (A)
09-27-06: "Live On KCRW" Santa Monica, CA (CDR) (A)
05-29-09: "Non-COMMvention" World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA (WXPN-FM) (CDR) (A+)
07-25-09: "XPoNential Music Festival" Wiggins Park, Camden, NJ (FM Broadcast) (CDR) (A/A-)

12-06-93: Bolder, CO (2-CDR) (A)
02-03-01: Palm's Playhouse, Davis, CA (w/ Scott Nygaard & Palul Knight) (2-CDR) (A)
02-17-06: The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC (w/ Tony Rice Quartet) (2-CDR) (B+)

P.F. SLOAN w/ Duane Jarvis
10-16-07: Concert "In The Woods" Dorphshuis de Furs, Lage Vuursche, Netherlands (CDR) (A)

2003-2012: "Phil & Friends - The Covers Album" (Soundboard Recordings) (CDR) (A)

00-00-65: WBAI Studios, New York, NY (CDR) (A)

11-16-74: Empire Pool, Wembley, Middlesex, England (A+)
                (2-CDR - "WEMBLEY 1974 PRE-FM MASTER")
04-26-75: Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA (A-)
                (2-CDR - "The Lost and Found Mike the MICrophone Tapes Vol. 18 ") Mike Millard Master Recording via JEMS

11-01-70: Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA (2-CDR) (B+)
09-30-71: Columbia Studios, Los Angeles, CA (A)
                (CDR - "Country Bump")
07-07-76: Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI (CDR) (B+)

07-12-85: Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia, PA (CDR) (A)

12-24-75: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England (CDR) (A)
                (Superstar Concert Series - Westwood One)

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