Elvis Costello and the Attractions
Old Waldorf
San Francisco, California
November 15, 1977

This is a KSAN b-cast that could be said to have some historical significance. These sets are Elvis and the Attractions VERY FIRST performances in the U.S. The first of two nights of two shows per night. There are many live recordings of this early material so it isn't unique in that way, but this is a great live to 2 track recording and the best possible lineage. Many Elvis collecters have had a version of this for years and so the performance is known but not at this quality. While this has been traded a bit from this DAT; this I believe is an upgrade for most folks.

Elvis Costello and the Attractions Old Waldorf San Francisco Ca. 1977-11-15 early and late shows

Early show Reels #564, #565
Late show Reels #566, #567

Reel plybck: Revox A-77(15ips)> Panasoic SV-250 DAT(internal A/D) Plyback Panasonic 3800>Apple G4 (Peak editing, sample rate conversion)> Xact prep>upload from files

Early Show
reel #564
01. Pump It Up
02. Welcome To the Working Week
03. Red Shoes
04. Blame It On Cain
05. End Of the World
06. The Beat
07. Less Than Zero
08. Allison
09. Miracle Man
10. You Belong To Me
reel #565
11. Lipstick Vogue
12. Watching the Detectives
13. Mystery Dance
14. Bonnie Simmons outro (no encore)

Late Show
reel #566
01. No Action
02. Red Shoes
03. No Dancing
04. I'm Not Angry
05. Chelsea(I Don't Want To Go To)
06. Radio Radio
07. Less Than Zero
08. Living In Paradise
09. Alison
reel #567
10. Miracle Man
11. You Belong To Me
12. Lipstick Vogue
13. Watching the Detectives
14. Pump It Up