In Some Fashion


"Bruce: In Some Fashion"
8 Disc DVD Set

This 8 disc, (4 volume) DVD set is a compilation of all types of Bruce clips - TV news reports, concert footage, award shows and interviews from 1977 to 2005. Some of the footage has been seen before, but much has not.

This is considered to be the sister set to "This Is Your Life" 8 disc DVD compilation that was released in the summer of 2003.

Disc One

1. Dec. 31, 1977 - Capitol Theater, Passaic, New Jersey - Quarter to Three. An incredible 10-plus minute version, black-and-white footage.

2. Two 1978 commercials for Darkness on the Edge of Town album.

3. 1978 PM Magazine feature with a short interview shot on Aug. 30, 1978 in Cleveland and a couple clips of some songs.

4. Clip of Raise Your Hand from Phoenix on July 8, 1978.

5. Some cut clips from a 1978 show.

6. Channel 4 News, New York City: Feature on Bruce playing the Capitol Theater in Passaic, New Jersey, on Sept. 21, 1978. Nice interview and some great footage of Badlands, Spirit In the Night and Born to Run.

7. Cadillac Ranch rehearsal from 1980.

8. Rally For Disarmament, Central Park, New York City, June 12, 1982. Promised Land and Running on Empty with Jackson Browne.

9. World Premiere of Dancing In the Dark video from MTV, summer of 1984. Martha Quinn is the VJ. Entertainment Tonight report on the release of Dancing In the Dark video.

10. 1984 MTV commercial for a contest to be a roadie with Bruce.

11. Short clip of the winner of the MTV Bruce roadie contest.

12. World premiere on MTV of the Born In the USA video, Nov. 23, 1984. Martha Quinn is the VJ.

13. Feature on Bruce's Born In the USA Tour hitting Philadelphia from a Philadelphia TV show. Legendary DJ Ed Sciaky is interviewed, Sept. 11, 1984.

14. A report from Channel 2 News in Chicago on Bruce's July 17, 1984 show from the Rosemont Horizon in Rosemont, Illinois.

15. 1984 TV news report on the Born In the USA Tour and an interview with Clarence Clemons.

16. 1984 television commercial for People Magazine the week Bruce was on the cover. TV news reports from Philadelphia on the Born In the USA Tour at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, Sept. 11, 1984.

17. CBS News report on the Born In USA Tour.

18. Clips of Bruce and Julianne Phillips at the 1985 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Feb. 26, 1985.

19. Philadelphia TV news reports on Bruce and Julianne announcing their engagement and then getting married, May 1985.

20. Bruce interview from a TV station in Japan, April 1985.

21. UK television report on Bruce's June 4, 1985 show at Newcastle followed by a roundtable discussion of Bruce.

22. UK television report on the Wembley Stadium show, July 4, 1985 and a report on the July 7, 1985 Leeds show.

23. Interview with Bruce from French TV, June 1985. He talks about his early career.

24. A report from Channel 6 News in Philadelphia on tickets going onsale for Bruce's Aug. 14 and 15 1985 shows at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia.

Disc 2

1. The U.S. stadium leg of the Born In the USA Tour opens at RFK Stadium in Washington DC on Aug. 4, 1985. Reports from Ch. 4 News in New York and Entertainment Tonight.

2. Ch. 3 News in Philadelphia and ABC World News Tonight reports on the Aug. 4, 1985 show from RFK Stadium in Washington DC. Also an Entertainment Tonight clip of Glory Days.

3. Ch. 3 News in Philadelphia report on Bruce's Aug. 14, 1985 show at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia. Also a three-part feature "Glory Days" that looks at Bruce's background with stops in Freehold and Asbury Park with a visit to the Stone Pony. LaBamba is interviewed. Plus a report on Nils Lofgren visiting the WMMR radio studios in Philadelphia.

4. Close to a half-hour of New York City TV news reports on the August 1985 Giants Stadium shows.

5. Channel 9 News (New York) interviews Nils Lofgren and ABC World News Tonight feature on Freehold and Asbury Park (August 1985).

6. Some pro shot clips of songs from the Born In the USA tour: Detroit Medley (Philadelphia, 1984); Man At the Top (Washington DC, Aug. 4, 1985) Stand On It (with Little Steven, Giants Stadium, Aug. 31, 1985); Stolen Car (Oakland, Sept. 18, 1985), Stand On It (Los Angeles, Sept. 27, 1985); Janey Don't You Lose Heart (LA, Sept. 27, 1985).

7. NBC's "Today" interview with Clarence Clemons, August 1985.

8. ABC-TV essay on the Born In the USA Tour and how Bruce became a national icon (August 1985).

9. Entertainment Tonight feature on Clarence Clemons and the Born In the USA Tour (September 1985).

10. Entertainment Tonight feature on Patti Scialfa (1985).

Disc 3

1. NBC-TV show Main Street - Sept. 24, 1985. Feature on Bruce growing up in Freehold. Nice Glory Days footage.

2. Oct. 3, 1985: TV news reports on the end of the Born In the USA Tour.

3. Fall, 1985: Nils Lofgren on the David Letterman show. He talks about the Born In the USA Tour and does a flip for Dave.

4. 1985 Rolling Stone awards. Interviews with Max Weinberg and Clarence Clemons.

5. 1984: Rehearsals for the Dancing In the Dark video from Big Man's West in Red Bank, New Jersey. Bruce and Clarence rehearse their dance steps at Clarence's bar.

6. 1985: Making of Little Steven's Sun City video with Bruce clips.

7. 1985: Jeopardy has a category "The Boss." Can you get all them right?

8. Nov. 5, 1986: Bruce joins Bob Geldof and Huey Lewis for Barefootin in Paris.

9. November 1986: Germany TV report on the release of Live 1975-85.

10. November 1986: Commercial for Live 1975-85 and for People Magazine with Bruce on the cover.

11. Dec. 29, 1986: ABC's Good Morning America's Joan Lunden interviews Max Weinberg, Garry Tallent and Patti Scialfa on the Live 1975-85 album.

12. December 1986: MTV news report on what Bruce was up to in 1986.

13. 1987: TV commercial for Live 1975-85 and the single Fire.

14. 1986: Rolling Stone Readers Awards for 1986. Bruce wins "Sexiest Male Performer" and "Artist of the Year." Backstreets Magazine's Charles Cross is among those interviewed.

15. 1987: Entertainment Tonight feature on Bruce attending a benefit in LA for the movie "Born On the Fourth of July" with Ron Kovic.

16. 1987: Channel 9 News (New York) on the Stone Pony possibly being torn down.

17. Jan. 21, 1987: TV reports on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies when Bruce inducts Roy Orbison.

18. Aug. 21, 1987: MTV report on Bruce joining Little Steven on stage at the Stone Pony. Also Bruce plays Native American and Sun City with Little Steven at The Ritz in New York City on Oct. 8, 1987.

19. Oct. 6, 1987: TV news reports on the release of the Tunnel of Love album.

20. 1987: Entertainment Tonight report on the Brilliant Disguise video.

21. Dec. 7, 1987: Entertainment Tonight report on Harry Chapain Tribute at New York's Carnegie Hall.

22. Dec. 13, 1987: TV reports on Paul Simon's All Star Benefit for the Homeless at Madison Square Garden.

23. Dec. 7, 1987: Bruce performs Remember When the Music at the Harry Chapin Tribute.

24. Dec. 13, 1987: Two clips from Paul Simon's All-Star Benefit for the Homeless at Madison Square Garden. Bruce, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Ruben Blades, Lou Reed and James Taylor join Dion for Teenager in Love Bruce does an acoustic Born to Run and then is joined by Paul Simon and Billy Joel on a fun Glory Days.

Disc 4

1. Jan. 20, 1988: Bruce inducts Bob Dylan into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, from the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

2. Feb. 25, 1988: News reports on Bruce and the E Street Band opening the Tunnel of Love tour in Worcester, Mass. Also a Philadelphia news report on Bruce's March 8, 1988 show from the Spectrum.

3. March 8, 1988: Philadelphia TV news reports on Bruce's show at the Spectrum. Also a clip from Channel 9 News in New York on the April 1, 1988 show from the Nassau Coliseum.

4. 1988: Commercials for the Tunnel of Love album and the July 3, 1988 radio broadcast from Sweden.

5. 1988: Various clips from Tunnel of Love shows in Europe including Tunnel of Love and Boom, Boom.

6. Summer of 1988: Spare Parts, I'm On Fire, and Dancing In the Dark from a European show.

7. 1988: Commercial for the Video Anthology.

8. 1989: CNN Showbiz Today report on Clarence Clemons and the breakup of the E Street Band. Plus a report from the show Hard Copy on the breakup of the E Street Band. Interviews with Philadelphia DJ Ed Sciaky and Charles Cross of Backstreets.

9. 1989: Entertainment Tonight report on Bruce buying a house in Beverly Hills.

10. Jan. 17, 1990: Bruce performs Long Tall Sally with John Fogerty at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. Later Bruce plays guitar alongside Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey on Pinball Wizard.

11. Nov. 16, 1990: CNN report on the Christic Institute Benefit Show at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

12. Feb. 5, 1991: Bruce and Patti show up at Sting's opening night show in Los Angeles.

13. 1991: The Joan Rivers Shows has George Theiss, Bruce's friend from Freehold and bandmate in The Castiles, as a guest.

14. June 9, 1991: News reports on Bruce and Patti getting married.

15. Sept. 26, 1991: MTV and CNN reports on Bruce, Little Steven and Jon Bon Jovi joining Southside Johnny for a video shoot at the Stone Pony. Also reports on the birth of Bruce and Patti's daughter from Dec. 31, 1991.

16. 1991: Reports on Bruce releasing two new albums in the spring of 1992.

17. 1991: Bruce plays guitar alongside Nils Lofgren on the Valentine video.

18. June 1992: MTV report on Bruce rehearsing with his new band for the Human Touch/Lucky Town tour.

19. June 15, 1992: MTV report on Bruce opening his tour in Stockholm, Sweden.

Disc 5

1. June 25, 1992: CNN report on a show in Frankfurt, Germany with a short interview with Bruce.

2. 1992: Entertainment Tonight feature on Rolling Stone having a big feature and interview with Bruce.

3. July 23, 1992: TV reports on Bruce's opening night of the U.S. tour at the Meadowlands.

4. July 1992: Entertainment Tonight report and interview with Bruce about his New Jersey shows.

5. 1992: Entertainment Tonight report on the book "Down Thunder Road." Interviews with Mike Appel and Bruce.

6. Aug. 28, 1992: Philadelphia TV news reports on Bruce opening at the Spectrum.

7. Aug. 13, 1992: Boston TV news reports on Bruce's show at the Centrum in Worcester, Mass.

8. Aug. 17, 1992: A great clip of Bruce's soundcheck, long interview and three songs from the concert - Red Headed Woman, Better Days and Local Hero - from The Palace of Auburn Hills, Mich.

9. 1992: CNN report on the 1992 summer concert season.

10. 1992: Entertainment Tonight report on MTV doing a Rockumentary on Bruce.

11. May 15, 1993: What a great clip! Bruce along with Shane Fontayne, Bobby King and Tommy Sims literally "invade" a private, upper-class dancing school ball held at the hotel where he and the band are staying, the Bayerischer HOF in Munich, Germany. They perform "Lucille" and "Twist and Shout" with the Hetti Schneider Band before a crowd of about 100.

12. June 24, 1993: TV news reports on Bruce's food bank benefit show from the Meadowlands.

13. 1993: Movie critic Gene Siskel is a guest on David Letterman's show. He talks about meeting Bruce.

14. Dec. 1993: Philadelphia TV news reports on Bruce filming Streets of Philadelphia video in Camden, N.J. and Philadelphia.

15. Jan. 4, 1994: Bruce and Patti appear at the premiere of the movie Philadelphia in Los Angeles.

16. Jan. 20, 1994: Bruce and Axl Rise sing Come Together at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

17. March 4, 1994: A clip of Bruce at the Rangers-Islanders game at Madison Square Garden.

Disc 6

1. Jan. 22, 1994: Bruce wins a Golden Glove Award for Streets of Philadelphia. His acceptance speech and some interviews.

2. Jan. 27, 1994: The Commitment to Life Benefit from the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. Clips of Bruce performing Streets of Philadelphia for the first time in public and of the many other celebrities in attendance.

3. March 1, 1994: 36th Grammy Awards, Los Angeles. Bruce joins B.B. King, Bonnie Raitt and Steve Winwood among others in a tribute to Curtis Mayfield. Also news reports on the event.

4. March 21, 1994: Bruce wins an Academy Award! Bruce and Patti walk the red carpet into the ceremonies at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles. Bruce stops for a short interview. Later he performs Streets of Philadelphia. Whitney Houston makes the Oscar presentation. Also some post-Oscar reports.

5. May 29, 1994: A clip of Bruce performing Gloria with Stephen King's band, the Rock Bottom Remainders, from the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.

6. Sept. 8, 1994: MTV Video Awards, Radio City Music Hall, N.Y. Adam Sandler and Sandra Bullock present Bruce the award for Best Video from a Film. Also post-awards interview with Kurt Loder.

7. 1994: Bruce talks about Bobby Muller of the Vietnam Veterans of America.

8. 1994: The TV show "Current Affair" has a report on Bruce's teddy bear being in a New York City doll hospital.

9. Dec. 20, 1994: Bruce joins Holiday Express for Run, Run Rudolph at the Tradewinds in Sea Bright, N.J.

10. Feb. 21, 1995: Bruce reunites the E Street Band for a video shoot at Tramps in New York City. A clip of Little Latin Lupe Lu and some backstage footage.

11. March 1, 1995: Bruce wins four Grammy Awards for Streets of Philadelphia at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Annie Lennox and George Michael present Bruce with the Song of the Year award and Carly Simon and Tori Amos present Bruce with the Best Male Rock Performance Grammy. Also five different post-Grammy interviews with Bruce.

12. April 12, 1995: Reports on the Rainforest Benefit from Carnegie Hall in New York City. Bruce joins Elton John, Billy Joel, Sting, Jon Bon Jovi and James Taylor.

13. May 1995: MTV Week in Rock report. Interview with Bruce about his Greatest Hits album and what else he's been up to.

14. July 9, 1995: Nice feature on Bruce making the Hungry Heart video in Germany.

15. Oct. 24, 1995: Chicago TV news report on Bruce joining Joe Grushecky on stage at Park West in Chicago.

16. Nov. 19, 1995: How can you get better than Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springsteen together? You can't. The two greatest ever from New Jersey are together for Frank's 80th birthday celebration TV special from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Bruce opens the show, introduces Frank and plays "Angel Eyes." Bruce then closes the show introducing "New York, New York" and he and Tony Bennett escort Frank on stage for the finale.

17. Nov. 27, 1995: Bruce makes his first (and so far only) appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, singing The Ghost of Tom Joad.

18. Dec. 14, 1995: Bruce performs Youngstown on Late Night with David Letterman.

Disc 7

1. 1995: The TV show "Extra" has a piece on Bruce joking with the paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport.

2. Jan. 8, 1996: Toronto TV news report on Bruce's show at Massey Hall. Also a Jan. 16, 1996 well-done feature on Bruce from Cleveland television. Bruce discusses the Tom Joad Tour in an interview.

3. Jan 21, 1996: 60 Minutes feature of Bruce and the Tom Joad tour. Excellent interview by Ed Bradley conducted at the Stone Pony and the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, N.J. Bruce and Ed take a walk on the Asbury Park boardwalk.

4. Jan. 22, 1996: CBS Morning Show feature on Bruce playing Youngstown, Ohio and how the book Journey To Nowhere influenced him. Short interview and clip of Bruce playing Youngstown.

5. Feb. 23, 1996: Paris TV. Bruce does a soundcheck of The Ghost of Tom Joad.

6. March 25, 1996: CNN Showbiz feature and interview with Bruce about being nominated for an Academy Award for Dead Man Walking.

7. April 1996: CNN Showbiz feature and interview with Bruce about the Tom Joad Tour.

8. Nov. 8, 1996: TV news reports on Bruce playing a benefit show at the St. Rose of Lima school in his hometown of Freehold, N.J.

9. 1996: Bruce appears in Joe Ely's video of All Just To Get To You.

10. Oct. 1, 1996: Bruce stops and signs autographs for fans before a show at the Braden Auditorium in Normal, Ill.

11. Jan. 27, 1997: Bruce performs Across the Border at the Tokyo International Forum Hall in Japan.

12. Jan. 29, 1997: Bruce is interviewed on a morning TV show at Asahi Studios in Tokyo, Japan.

13. May 22, 1997: What a great clip. Following a show at Teatro Augusteo in Naples, Italy, Bruce waves to fans from the theater's balcony. He leads the crowd in a sing-a-long of "O Sole Mio" and then brings out a guitar to lead the crowd in Thunder Road.

14. 1997: ABC's In Concert has a segment on Bruce. A clip of Thunder Road from the April 5, 1995 Sony Studios concert.

15. Sept. 4, 1997: Bruce joins Jakob Dylan and the Wallflowers for One Headlight at the MTV Music Awards in Los Angeles.

16. Dec. 7, 1997: Bruce sings The Times They Are a Changin' for Bob Dylan, one of the honorees at the Kennedy Center Honors in Washington DC.

17. Jan. 31, 1998: Bruce, Little Steven, Southside Johnny and Jon Bon Jovi join in "This Time It's For Real" to open the Patrick King Benefit at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, N.J. Danny DeVito introduces the band.

18. 1998: VH1 show Before They Were Stars has a feature on Bruce. Vini Lopez is interviewed.

19. Aug. 12, 1998: Bruce watches the Yankees play the Minnesota Twins. Yankees center fielder Bernie Williams has his guitar autographed by Bruce.

20. Feb. 26, 1999: Bruce appears on the Late Night With Conan O'Brien show and does Working On the Highway with the Max Weinberg 7.

Disc 8

1. March 15, 1999: Bruce is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in ceremonies at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. Bono's complete speech inducting Bruce, and Bruce's complete speech.

2. 1998: Commercial for the four-CD set, Tracks.

3. March 1999: Bruce performs Give My Love to Rose for a Johnny Cash TV tribute.

4. March 21, 2001: Bob Costas interviews Bruce on his HBO show.

5. Oct. 19, 2001: Bruce performs Land Of Hope and Dreams and Thunder Road at the Alliance of Neighbors show at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, N.J.

6. Nov. 23, 2002: Dion joins Bruce and the E Street Band in Miami during the encores for If I Should Fall Behind.

7. Feb. 23, 2003: Bruce and the E Street Band perform The Rising at the Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden.

8. Feb. 23, 2003: Bruce performs with Little Steven, Elvis Costello and Dave Grohl on London Calling as part of a tribute to the Clash and Joe Strummer at the Grammy Awards.

9. April 18, 2003: Clarence tumbles into Bruce and they both fall down on the stage during Ramrod at the Corel Centre in Ottawa, Canada. Neither one misses a beat.

10. June 28, 2003: Waiting On a Sunny Day is played in a rainstorm at San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy. Bruce doesn't hesitate a bit and goes right out into the monsoon. A great clip.

11. July 15, 2003: News-12 New Jersey report on Bruce's opening night of his 10-night stand at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

12. Aug. 31, 2003: Bruce closes his historic 10-night stand at Giants Stadium with a moving version of Jersey Girl.

13. Sept. 27, 2003: Danny Federici takes the lead on accordion with Beer Barrel Polka, played especially for the crowd at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

14. Dec. 7, 2003: The legendary Sam Moore joins Bruce for Hold on, I'm Coming at the Christmas show at Asbury Park's Convention Hall.

15. March 21, 2004: Bruce watches an Arena Football game with Jon Bon Jovi and Southside Johnny at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia.

16. June 11, 2004: A Channel 9 (New York) news report on the removal of Tillie from the Palace Amusements in Asbury Park.

17. Oct. 2, 2004: Bruce joins REM for Man On the Moon at the Vote For Change show in Cleveland.

18. Oct. 2, 2004: Bruce, REM, Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes and John Fogerty close the Cleveland show with People Got the Power.

19. Oct. 5, 2004: Neil Young joins Bruce and the E Street Band for a blistering All Along the Watchtower in St. Paul, Minn.

20. Oct. 13, 2004: Eddie Vedder performs a hot Betterman with Bruce and the E Street Band at the Vote For Change show at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, N.J.

21. Nov. 9, 2005: Bruce plays a Devils & Dust tour premiere Thundercrack at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia.

22. Nov. 17, 2005: Bruce celebrates the 30th anniversary release of Born To Run by playing Meeting Across the River on the piano at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, N.J.