The Great Unknown

The Great Unknown

The Great Unknown is an 11- CD collection of Elvis Costello's rarities

Overview Disc Title

1 Rough Sketches
2 Amazing Live
3 Ideal Eyes
4 A Night At The Opera
5 The Remixes
6 Mixed Bunch
7 The Dumping Ground
8 Dodgy Demos
9 Turn Up The TV
10 Hiding Under Covers
11 Japanese Whispers

Track Listing

Rough Sketches

Pump It Up (One & Only, 25 Yrs of Radio 1)
The End Of The Rainbow (It's A Live-In World)
I Hope You're Happy Now (acoustic, I Want You 7inch)
Pads, Paws & Claws (BBC Demo)
You're No Good (Spike sessions)
Sally Sue Brown (Spike sessions)
Pads, Paws & Claws (Spike sessions)
Veronica (Demo ver - So Like Candy CD5)
Basement Kiss (13 Steps UK CD5)
Puppet Girl (13 Steps UK CD5)
We Despise You (13 Steps UK CD5)
Do You Know What I'm Saying (Clown Strike promo CD5)
London's Brilliant (LBP UK 12inch)
Congratulations (LBP UK 12inch)
My Resistance Is Low (LBP UK 12inch)
Drunken Man's Praise Of Sobriety (Sulky Girl CD5)
Step Inside Love (You Tripped UK CD5)
YGTH Your Love Away (You Tripped UK CD5)
Sticks and Stones (You Tripped UK CD5)
What Do I Do Now (Volume 17 - va)
All This Useless Beauty (Live From Musichall Vol 3)
Complicated Shadows (Cashbox ver - ATUB German CD5)
My Mood Swings (album version)
The Bridge I Burned (album version)

Amazing Live

Less Than Zero, Radio Radio (SNL 25 Years)
Miracle Man (Alison US 7inch)
Blame It On Cain (WTD UK 7inch)
Mystery Dance (WTD UK 7inch)
Neat, Neat, Neat (Stranger In House UK 7inch)
Watching The Detectives (NME Pogo A GoGo Cassette)
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (Live Stiffs LP)
Miracle Man (Live Stiffs)
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (DLMBM Promo 12inch)
The Psycho Song (Fundamental Frolics)
The Imposter (Concert for People of Kampuchea)
Leave My Kitten Alone (Live For Ireland)
Many Rivers to Cross (Live For Ireland)
Alison (Bridge School Benefit)
Couldn't Call It Unexpected (So Like Candy UK CD5)
Hurry Down Doomsday (So Like Candy UK CD5)
Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (MTV Unplugged)
Basement Kiss (OEotTelescope CD5)
All This Useless Beauty (Conan O'Brien)
God Give Me Strength (Live On Letterman)

Ideal Eyes

That's How You Got Killed Before (New Orleans Album)
They Can't Take That Away From Me (Unplgged, Tony Bennett)
The Very Thought Of You (w Chet Baker)
You Don't Know What Love Is, I'm A Fool To Want You (w Chet Baker)
But Not For Me (Glory Of Gershwin)
Put Your Big Toe in the Milk of Human Kindness (Trios)
Aubergine (Individually Twisted)
Don't You Go 'Way Mad (Individually Twisted)
Point Of No Return (Baby Plays Around CD3)
Full Force Gale (No Prima Donna)
That Day Is Done (Fairfld Four)
You're No Good (Veronica CD5)
The Room Nobody Lives In (Veronica CD5)
Weird Nightmare (Weird Nghtmare)
Idiophone (Sulky Girl UK CD5)
Almost Ideal Eyes (Little Atoms UK CD5)
Life Shrinks (It's Time UK CD5)
My Dark Life (Songs In the Key of X)

A Night at the Opera

May 17th (Ferrington Guitars)
The Long Journey Home (Long Journey Home)
Stephen's Day Murders (Bells Of Dublin)
Night Before Larry Was Stretched (Common Ground)
Mischievous Ghost (Bringing It All Back Home)
She Moved Through the Fair (Brodsky Q, Lament)
Lost In the Stars (September Songs)
Illyria (Terror & Magnificence)
O Mistress Mine (Terror & Magnificence)
Come Away, Death (Terror & Magnificence)
When That I Was and a Little Tiny Boy (Terror & Magnfcnc)
More Than Rain (Live at NY Town Hall promo CD)
God Only Knows (Live at NY Town Hall promo CD)
They Didn't Believe Me (Live at NY Town Hall promo CD)
I Almost Had a Weakness (Live at NY Town Hall promo CD)
Upon a Veil of Midnight Blue (A Case For Song video)
She (Notting Hill)

The Remixes

Everyday I Write the Book (Special Club ver)
Everyday I Write the Book (Instrumental)
Everyday I Write the Book (Ext remix)
Let Them All Talk (Extended Remix)
I Wanna Be Loved (Smooch 'n' Runny Version)
I Wanna Be Loved (Version Discotheque)
The Only Flame In Town (Version Discotheque)
The Only Flame In Town (Special mix)
Green Shirt (Extended Remix)
Distorted Angel (Remix by Tricky)
Little Atoms (Polished Glass Mix)
Little Atoms (DJ Food Rinse)

Mixed Bunch

Don't Get Above Your Raisin' (Live, London, R Skaggs)
Stranger in the House (Very Special Guests, G Jones)
Cry Cry Cry (I'm Your Toy (Live) 7inch)
Wondering (I'm Your Toy (Live) 7inch)
Blues Keep Calling (I'm Your Toy (Live) 12inch)
Honky Tonk Girl (I'm Your Toy (Live) 12inch)
Brilliant Disguise (It's Time CD5)
Sleepless Nights (Grevious Angel)
Get Yourself Another Fool (alt ver, Out of Our Idiot)
Ship Of Fools (Deadicated)
The Ugly Things (Other Side of Summer CD5)
Sally Sue Brown (Adios Amigo)
Living a Little, Laughing a Little (WUTT Ice Age)
You Bowed Down (Back From Rio, R McGuinn)
You Want Her Too (Flowers In the Dirt)
Tomorrow's Just Another Day (TJAD Warped 12inch)
Adrian (Be Yourself Tonight, Eurythmcs)
I Throw My Toys Around (Rugrats)
Party Party (Party Party 7inch)
Little Goody Two Shoes (Out of Our Idiot)
Town Cryer (alt version, Man Out Of Time 7inch)

The Dumping Ground

Alison (US Version 7inch)
Less Than Zero (Organ Mix, Bunch of Stiff Records LP)
Radio Sweetheart (Single mix, Less Than Zero 7inch)
Pump It Up (1984 Monster Mix, Only Flame In Town 12inch)
Uncomplicated (UK Girls Girls Girls)
This Town (Bastard mix) (Costello Hour promo LP)
Town Called Big Nothing (The Long March) (ATCBN 12inch)
Big Nothing (Straight To Hell)
Christiansands (Imposter's Mix)(Christiansands Tricky CD5)
Grave Dance (Jake's Progress)
Put Away Forbidden Playthings (Sit Fast, Fretwork)
Put Away Forbidden Playthings pt II (Sit Fast, Fretwork)
The Bridge I Burned (facino mix)
The Bridge I Burned (pop lie mix)
My Mood Swings (promo version)
Alison (Woodstock 99)
Miranda Syndrome (Nothing But Truth, R Blades)
I'll Never Fall in Love Again (Austin Powers sndtrk)
Little Red Book (Sessions at W 54th video)
Secret Lemonade Drinker (Ross MacManus, ad jingle)

Dodgy Demos

Exiles Road (Flip City BBC session)
Third Rate Romance - ver 1 (Flip City demo)
Radio Soul - ver 2 (Flip City demo)
Hoover Factory (Capital Radio session)
King Horse (Get Happy demo)
Human Touch (Get Happy demo)
Men Called Uncle (Get Happy demo)
5ive Gears In Reverse (Get Happy demo)
Love For Tender (Get Happy demo)
Good Year For the Roses (Southbank Show)
Shipbuilding (Granada Reports 16-9-82)
The Comedians (Roy Orbisn demo)
Deep, Dark Truthful Mirror (BBC Spike)
Having It All (BBC Spike)
Pads, Paws & Claws (BBC Spike)
Any Kings Shilling (BBC Spike)
Miss MacBeth (Spike demo)
This Town (Spike demo)
God's Comic (Spike demo)
Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (Spike demo)
Coal Train Robberies (Spike demo)
Satellite (Spike demo)
Earthbound (Wendy James demo)
Fill In The Blanks (Wendy James demo)
The Nameless One (Wendy James demo)
I Want To Stand Forever (Wendy James demo)

Turn Up The TV

Gloomy Sunday (Fundamental Frolics video, Apollo, 1/6/1981) 3:09 CD(video source)
All You Need Is Love (Live Aid, 13/7/1985) 3:50 CD(video source)
Free Nelson Mandela w/ The Specials (The Tube, 9/3/1984) 5:29 CD(Have Guitar Will Travel)
Windows Of The World (RAH, 20/2/1988 - Arm's Video Disc) 4:10 CD(video source)
Days (RAH, 20/2/1988 - Arm's Video Disc) 4:00 CD(video source)
Clown Strike (Akesson, Sweden, 1994) 4:14 CD(video source)
I've Been Wrong Before (Later, 16/5/1995) 3:11 CD(video source)
Set The Twilight Reeling w/ Lou Reed (Taratata, France2, 12/5/1996) 5:35 CD(video source)
You Bowed Down [Bridge Version] (NBC Tonight 26th Aug 1996) 4:17 CD(video source)
So Like Candy [w/Toshi Reagon] (Letterman 18th Nov 1997) 4:25 CD(video source)
45 (Leno, 29th Sep 1999) 3:05 CD(video source)
RadioRadio w/ The Beastie Boys (SNL 25th Ann. Show, 26/09/1999) 3:33 CD(video source)
Please (Kennedy Center 13/05/2000 - PBS 02/03/2001 4:56 CD(video source)
Heart Shaped Bruise (w/ Emmylou Harris)( -"- ) 3:21 CD(video source)
Ommie Wise pt2 (Total Meltdown 4/5/2001) 3:06 CD(video source)
The Butchers Boy (Total Meltdown 4/5/2001) 4:02 CD(video source)
When I Was Cruel (Total Meltdown 4/5/2001) 7:06 CD(video source)
For The Stars w/ Anne Sophie Von Otter (Letterman 7/6/2001) 3:29 CD(video source)

Hiding Under Covers

The Roadette Song (4 Acres Club, Marcey, NY-6/12/77) 4:40 CD (10000 Elvis Fans)
ChaDookieDoo (Aug 1982) 2:33 CD (FH)
Baby Pictures (RAH, 27/12/82) 2:47 mp3 > CD
The Image Of Me / A Man Can Be A Drunk (Clarendon Ballroom, 17/3/1983) 4:51 CD (HGWT)
Danger Zone (BBC session for Kid Jensen 9/6/1983. by P. Mayfield) 2:18 CD (RadioRadio)
The Bells [Laura Nyro]- (UofTexas Austin, 9/7/83) 4:14 CD (GYFTC1)
Cruel (Orpheum Theatre, Boston, 18/4/1984) 4:37 CD (private)
She Loves The Jerk w/ John Hiatt (Duke of York Theatre, 31/3/1985) 4:23 CD (HGWT)
I Got Loaded w/ Los Lobos (Electric Ballroom, 14/5/1985) 2:59 CD (HGWT)
. Betrayal (Logan Hall, London 3/9/1985 - early vn. of TTDD) 2:27 CD (PA)
. We Don't Even Try Anymore (Logan Hall) 2:20 CD (PA)
. No Reason To Quit (Logan Hall) 2:12 CD (PA)
. Pretty In Pink (Broadway, 1986) 2:11 [flexi] > CD
. Forgive Her Anything (Broadway, 1986) 3:32 [flexi] > CD
. True Love Ways (Dublin 2/12/1986) 3:11 tape > CD
. Having It All (Dublin 2/12/1986) 3:04 tape > CD
. His Latest Flame (Dublin 3/12/1986) 2:16 tape > CD
. Little Sister (Dublin 3/12/1986) 3:04 tape > CD
. Jack To A King (Dublin 3/12/1986) 1:54 tape > CD
. Wild Thing (Dublin 3/12/1986) 3:05 tape > CD
. Pop Life (Dublin 3/12/1986) 3:44 tape > CD
. Ferry Cross The Mersey/TinySteps/Gloria (Dublin 3/12/1986) 6:33 tape > CD

Japanese Whispers

Everybody's Cryin Mercy (Omiya, Japan 2/9/1991) 6:43 CDR
All Grown Up (Omiya, Japan, 2/9/1991) 4:40 CDR
God Give Me Strength (Shepherds Bush, solo, 17/5/1995) 5:00 soundboard tape > CD
The Birds Will Still Be Singing w/ Brodskys (Royal College of Music, 23/3/1995) 4:43 CD (RP)
Skeleton w/ Brodskys (Montreux, 9/7/1996) 5:12 radio tape > CD
Domino (Camlin Hotel Cloud Room, Seattle, 17/5/1996) 1:57 CD (HT #1)
It's Time / Not Fade Away (Rome 1/5/1995) 4:08 CD(IN)
Sittin� and Thinkin� w/ Ricky Skaggs (TNN, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, 2/5/1997) 3:29 (private)CD
That's All It Took w/ Ricky Skaggs (TNN, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, 2/5/1997) 3:40
Miss Mary (Cremona, Italy, 15/2/1998) 4:12 CD (Volare)
Dirty Rotten Shame (VinScelsa Idiots Delight WNEW-FM 27/9/1998) 3:39 CD(ID)
Passionate Fight (Her Majesties Theatre, Sydney, 19/2/1999) 2:59 CD(JTM)
American Without Tears 2. (Berlin, 10/5/1999) 5:13 (private)CD
After The Fall (Birmingham 11/1999) 4:13 (private)CD
I'll Wear It Proudly (Osaka 18/12/1999) 4:12 CD(HSW)
This Years Girl (Osaka 18/12/1999) 2:31 12 CD(HSW
It Tears Me Up (Osaka 18/12/1999) 4:03 12 CD(HSW)